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Year Two - The Taken King

Spoon wrote:
I feel like september actually isn't too long to wait for this. I was definitely expecting 2015.

I really hope to play this with a bunch of you idiots

Not too far away, but still too far!


It should be fantastic, I have great hopes for it.

Everyone needs to get a PS4 before then ;)
Indeed, it's super pretty and seems quite well made.

Here's some gifs of the Guardians skills, chopped up from the class videos:

I found them a lot easier to see what's going on and makes the classes actually look different to one another.
kiral wrote:
What class do you guys like the look of the most?

The titan and hunter look pretty sweet.

Titan seems to be the tanky mofo of the trio, with a lot of melee abilities.

Hunter looks like the sneaky class with longer range weapons.

Warlocks are the 'magic' users of the game.

I'm torn between them all, Titan looks like a lot of fun but seems to be the most popular class so far. Warlock looks like a lot of fun too, with all the pew pew magic stuff. I think I'm leaning towards Hunter right now, though it's probably because they seem like badass bounty hunters.
There's a shit-tonne of info coming out during Destiny Press Week or something like that right now.

The Tower seems pretty awesome, a central hub to strut your stuff and meet up with friends then go on missions.

Peter Dinklage voicing the Ghost!

Shit load of new screenshots:

There's a shit load of links to reviews on Reddit here and here.
I only watched the Devil's Lair one...but did anyone else find it kind of boring??
Fun wrote:
I only watched the Devil's Lair one...but did anyone else find it kind of boring??

It's basically every modern day shooter we've ever played. Elements of Halo and Borderlands hybridized.

It doesn't look bad, but it's not going to revolutionize the genre either.

The biggest draws will be the inter-connectivity with other 3-man squads, constantly updated content/campaigns and the plethora of customization.
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