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Risky Settlers Knights and Allies of the Lords of Dominion of Earth: Pandemic Edition

If you’ve ever done Board Game Night, you know that every group of board game players has a limit. There are games that are just too advanced for some, and the key to having fun is picking a game that’s complicated enough to be satisfying for newcomers but simple enough for newcomers to pick up.

I thought it was pretty funny, showing new people how to play (or even learning yourself) can be a very daunting experience.
The game itself though? captured my interest as you work together but after our third game in I felt it was just the same story being read over and over. potential is there but needs some tweaking

oh wow. need to edit this post. that wasn't pandemic at all! bahahaha
Hunterbob wrote:
Pandemic is fun though. I liked that it was a co-op game and was very fun, especially when you're so close to getting it and fail!

Yeah, Pandemic looks epic, I bought a copy last week, hope to play it next week.

Here's a fun Video from Tabletop - probably should make a new thread lol

Takenoko will be my next game i buy -
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