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So, I'm 27 now, been getting hangovers since about 23 consistently. When I drank too much in the past, I would throw up so hard I would bust capillaries in my face. Suffice to say I've been mixing and matching with hangover remedies in the past and have a non Hydralite remedy.

When you drink alcohol, the alcohol breaks down in 2 parts: the euphoric feeling you feel comes first followed by the shame induced sadness Jim alluded to. A study was done and in it they discovered that amino acids help clean up the second part remaining in your bloodstream. A common source high in amino acids is eggs.

So basically, I can be fucked in the morning with no preparation the night before (drinking water, etc) wake up, cook eggs, even while feeling shitty and I will have recovered completely in about 4 hours. I haven't tried Hydralite tablets but I will the next time I get the chance.
wonder if Amino Acids like BCAA's for weight lifting would help?

Last time I got on the piss, I smashed a Shake mixed with water and casein protein. I didn't feel sick at all, and I drank quite a bit. Casein Protein is a slow release protein, providing amino acids and protein over an extended period. Mixed that with dinner later on in the night.

Might be onto something here Beefy.
Can anybody see Hanna's Signature, The Quoted Text ? Doesn't work work in Firefox or Chrome.

I had a look at the page source and found "Because we're friends, and friendship is two pals munching on a well cooked face together"

I used the search tool in Firefox and It found it, but i couldn't see it

I then used the search tool in Chrome and it found the text and it displayed it
Make no mistake people

Research has shown that approximately 100 ml of additional urine output occurs for every 10g alcohol consumed.
Excessive alcohol consumption involving 6 to 10 standard drinks could therefore lead to a net fluid loss of 600 – 1000 ml or more and therefore significant dehydration.

Dehydration is the major cause of the hangover feeling. While I'm not going to say that Amino acids, protein or horse growth hormones won't help with the recovery I would like to reiterate, that rehydration should be your top priority.

The fact of the matter is however, that when you're pissing more than you should be you're also going to lose a lot of other nutrients in the process. This is why sports drinks are better than plain water and why hydralyte is better than sports drinks. It's also why adding other supplements, like Berocca (a multivitamin chock full of B with the added benefit of drinking more water), protein shakes etc are also going to assist with the recovery. I did mention that a normal hangover regime should be continued on top of the added Hydralyte.

Basically, try adding hydralyte or a similar ORT to your hangover recovery regime and see how you go.

As for not drinking much Hekate, we'll sort that attitude out on day one of the meet.
How much do they pay you at Hydralite? Sounds like you would go into a convinence store and throw cigarettes at the cashier while yelling "Cancer merchant!" just to increase gum sales.
Beefyfife wrote:
How much do they pay you at Hydralite? Sounds like you would go into a convenience store and throw cigarettes at the cashier while yelling "Cancer merchant!" just to increase gum sales.

The mental imagery of this was great. I could see this as something Jim would do :P
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