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2 Years Later

Clownshoes wrote:
I was referring to buy orders. You can't make a buy order when you have a 0.00 balance.

Ah my bad, was hung up on selling.

Walking into a NAB Branch and depositing directly into their account as you mentioned is the quickest way to get some dosh in there, should clear within 15 mins.
So we're two and a bit years on, anyone still interested in or keeping up to date with Bitcoin?

Is the price still fluctuating? Settled?

Still hoarding? Mining? Made millions?

Anyone using it in day to day life? Or has the world moved onto the next big thing?
I was subscribed to the Bitcoin subreddit for a while but it just got too tedious and I unsubscribed about 6 months ago. I haven't heard anything interesting about it for quite a while now. I've kept mine in the hope that it'll one day be worth some decent amount again, but I don't really think it will.

I enjoyed all the mining and such as a hobby for a while but got over it.
Yeah I lost interest after I cashed out when I needed some quick cash.

Logged into CoinBase and CoinJar the other day for fun and they're both still kicking, and seem to be thriving.

You can just BPAY into CoinJar now, it goes to your 'cash account' that you can then buy bitcoins with. That's super easy compared to what we had to do before. I still had my accounts linked/verified and shit, but can't see why that would need to be a requirement to do that.

I still see "Pay with Bitcoin" every now and then and wish I had some, so I transferred $20 and bought a crazy small amount of Bitcoin woohoo! Might try to keep transferring $10-20 I won't notice missing each pay as a little savings account, can use it every now and then, it might explode or dwindle, who knows.
This is fairly interesting: Financial firms looking to use the blockchain to accelerate trading on Wall Street.

At no point in the article did it actually say how they would use it, but I like that these industries are taking note of how revolutionary the technology can be and how versatile its applications could be. Any sort of exchange currently requiring an intermediary can now instead be made in a public ledger where trust is absolute (and free).
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