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So, I just moved in to a beautiful Japanese house and my kitchen is amazing. I have cooked every day this week. Today I experimented with soy sauce, potatoes, and onions to see what I could come up with. I vaguely remember from China that when people cooked vegetables, they always added sugar and salt so I diced onions, and potatoes and threw them in my pan.…..I still wasnt sure exactly what I was doing so I added a little olive oil to the mix.

I should mention that I am using gas (THANK GOD) and not electric burners so I am able to better control the heat.

I proceeded to saute the them in the soy sauce and tried to achieve a crispy, non caramelized look.…..This took about 5-8 minutes to achieve the color and texture I wanted.

After that, I threw them in a bowl and started eating was decent but it lacked something and based on its ability to conform esily, I felt this would be a good garnish on top of a cheeseburgers. So I threw my mix back into the pan, cut up some small slices of red cheedar and melted them. This achieved the taste I was looking for.

Thoughts and further discussions about Soy Sauce are appreciated.
I'm very confused by this post, but I like the idea behind it.

You didn't tell us if you actually added in any sugar or salt when initially cooking them.

Did you boil or microwave the potatoes before putting them in the pan?
oh yeah, they all went in together, I cant give measurements cause I did it by sight, I used 1/6 of a medium sized onion and 2 small potatoes.….think the average size of your recommended breakfast cereal serving size, thats how much was prepared in onions and potatoes

The potatoes were fresh and uncooked, just washed....didnt even peel em. They were diced into small chunks.….think the size of a green house in monopoly, that size or a little smaller. Onions were about the same size

Step 2 pour olive oil and soy(i had this little tiny container, i would say a tablespoon if that but more than a teaspoon) into hot pan.
The soy starts to bubble already, surprised, immediately throw all of the vegetables into the pan, start to mix it around (This would be step 3).

Step 4 add salt and sugar(pinches based on sight) and throw on a little pepper

Step 5 Continue to cook and saute as it sizzles, stopping to taste, couldnt get the soy taste

Step 6 poured a little more soy sauce in.…..wanted a little more pepper, touch of that...

finished cooking

the cheese came later
do you take your shoes off before walking inside and kneel at the table ?
try sauteing mushrooms with a small knob of butter, 1/2 to 1 fresh garlic clove and leave them soften on a low heat. Once softened add a splash of soy sauce, increase heat and reduce until little to no moisture.

Great as a garnish on burgers or as a side and breakfast consider adding a touch of sugar with the garlic and butter to aid in caramelizing.
Malieus wrote:
Your version on monopoly sucks I play Star Wars Monopoly (Episode 1)

Comes with mini apartments and huge sky scrapers

That is the wrong Star Wars. My Star Wars Monopoly is the original trilogy, but I don't play Monopoly any more because I rage quit.
Clownshoes wrote:
Green or red monopoly houses?

red are hotels green are houses...l2monopoly
Beefyfife wrote:
Clownshoes wrote:
Green or red monopoly houses?

red are hotels green are houses...l2monopoly

Or if you're colour blind the reverse.

..or if you're a dog, the grey ones are houses and the slightly darker grey ones are hotels and both are tasty with soy sauce.
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