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Well done Doc. I still haven't written up my proposal story from a few months back. I will eventually when I get the time, but super busy at work lately.

I also let my g/f design her own ring, I just bought the diamond before hand.

Congratulations and best of luck to both of you!
Spoon wrote:
Sounds like she had helped you pick it out before you proposed?

Neifelheim wrote:
Far better off taking her with you to give her a ring she actually likes.

hekate wrote:
We went ring shopping after Bain proposed.

Bain wrote:
Always let the ze women chose the ring. Can't go wrong then!

Marriage was an informed decision made between the both of us. We talked it over and kind of just decided to do it. She wanted to put the ring straight on from the jewelers; I'm the romantic sap who insisted on a proper proposal.
We kind of had an idea what we were after. Some kind of wavy, leafy design with her birthstones in it. We went to all the mainstream jewelers in Perth, and a whole bunch of ones online, looking for concepts we could steal. Most of the bigger jewelers didn't want to create anything, they just wanted to sell their factory-constructed wares, and only make changes they had the templates for. One of the chicks behind the counter suggested an out-of-the-way small shopping center jewelers (read: dodgy looking pawnbroker kind of place), which turned out OK. The asians running the joint were open to making our design, but were really difficult to understand and we weren't sure if we were getting the finer points across. We ended up searching through all of the small shops we could find, and found a forgetful old guy who answered all of our questions plainly and offered decent advice and stuff.
Most of the money was spent on a nice diamond, princess cut with just a hint of yellow. The thing really sparkles, even in the dark. They are two different kinds of peridots. Earth-born and meteorite-born. Plain old found-in-the-ground peridots are cheap as, whilst the ones from space are several thousand each. We went with the home-grown ones (I believe our 4 cost only $50 in total, they are quite tiny).
We're both very happy with it.
Docilus wrote:
I'm the romantic sap who insisted on a proper proposal.

Totally not surprised by this ;) Well done again!
Clownshoes wrote:
Many congrats!

So, when are you guys gonna start making babies?

I lost.
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