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Doing some food shopping I came across these babies on special. I'd previously tried the Heinz tinned chicken but it wasn't that great, however these were on special and there seemed to be a wider range of flavours so I thought i'd give it a shot.

We got one of each of a few flavours, and they're not that bad! Flavour is good, it actually looks like shredded chicken, it hopefully is actually chicken.. can't ask for much more.

Looks like it might be a nice alternative for a healthy snack at work, and it didn't stink out the office like tinned tuna usually does :P

Check out the Woolworths site for all the flavours.

Anyone else tried them? Or game enough to?
Seylana wrote:
Yeah Ive heard of them. I also tried the Heinz variety and felt pretty sick after. I dont care about the smell, TUNA 4 LYFE!


There is just something not right about chicken in a can. Cakes you may as well swallow your own jizz as it's just about the best protein to weight available, not to mention economical as you wouldn't be wasting your stockpile anymore!
Jiminy wrote:
I honestly think if you marketed it hard as the absolute best most pure protein intake you could find. Gym junkies would drink it lol.

And if I take my own product to produce my own product... It's like... refined, right? Purified and filtered. I just need a way to include all the amino acids.
I'm quite a fan of the John West Zesty Vinaigrette and Smoked/Lightly Smoked Tunas, delicious!
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