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Today we have announce that we've gone gold. … gone-gold/

It will be hitting the steets at the end of March. 2K Australia has been on this project for about 18 months now, we crunched like crazy to get this project where it is (including our content team and some of our programming team spending between three and six months in Boston last year).

Right now I'm working on DLC pack 1 that will be coming out not too long after the initial release.

Everyone buy this. I want a good bonus :)

Do I need to have played the other Bioshock games to play this one?

I got through half or maybe 3/4 of the original game then never picked it up again..
I never even played either of them despite hearing how amazing they were. I'm also interested to know how necessary / advantageous knowledge of the previous games is.
No need to play the previous games but I would recommend playing the original Bioshock for about an hour or two just to get a feel for the gameplay. Also Bioshock one is easily the better game of the first two story wise.
I played and really enjoyed the first one and have yet to play the second (buying soon). I have pre-ordered Infinite too as it looks to be just awesome. I love the story element in Bioshock and it seems it's still just as great:

The first one is still my favourite SP game of all time, Bioshock 2 seemed like a bit of a cash in - hope Infinite is as awesome as it looks!
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