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Sup guys, I haven't check in with you guys for quite some time due to heavy work schedule. Anyway just a heads up HoTs is coming pretty soon, along with some gory action game on ps3 God of War Ascension. Now the nifty thing on god of war, is that it has multiplayer and can accomodate up to 8 player. So I hope I can see you guys there for some Twelvian action.

Best regards,


P.s Hop on into US region on SC2 to play Squadron Tower Defense map. I've been putting lots of hours in that game. And I can tell you this, its hella fun and addictive.
I am waiting for SimCity, it looks pretty good
Yea not too sure how online will be tbh, it might be okay. Not too sure how you can play with mates but, cause i don't usually spend too much time on one map. Not too sure how Neighboring regions will affect your city, what if they don't play the game?
Origin FTL
Clownshoes wrote:
Pretty sure an offline mode is available if you choose the $0.00 edition.

I was always going to get this edition, but now it really seems worth the coin.
Most unfortunate.

One of the best things about sim-city was the time sink factor. You could really burn up a few hours without even noticing. What's the point of that if you have to be online? We're all capable of burning up hours of our lives on the internet, it's when we don't have the internet that we need games like sim-city.
Apparently you can't modify the terrain of your city either (in terms of topography, elevation etc) which is a big ol' buzzkill.
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