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I feel like it would be such a fun time to hang out and have drinks with Jackreaper and Lunais.

cailo- wrote:
Zed wanted me to run his warlock through MC and another one dropped. He was so pissed off because he has been trying to get it on his pally and warrior for ages. I won the greed roll but I gave the eye to him so he can make it on his warlock like how Spoon made one for his priest.

I'd forgotten I did that. It was quite disappointing when I didn't even get any sort of achievement from it since I needed to be able to equip it :(
There is a link on the page to the old Enigma forums that still exist.

It includes Myra's joining Twelve post. Myra is still in Twelve to this day though 7 years inactive.

"Joining Twelve" -posted April 10, 2007.

This is 95% probable.

As of Wednesday the 18th, Enigma will be joining Twelve. This is due to a variety of reasons, however mainly due to the fact we don't have a large enough core group of members to sustain the guild for 25 man raids.

Anyone is welcome to stay in Enigma or look for another guild, however all active members will be allowed invites into Twelve. You can pst Myra for an invite on Wednesday the 18th or later.

We will be maintaining our own Karazhan group, and this will work alongside with the 2 Twelve Karazhan groups. THis means for our own Kara core members nothing will change, and for those who are spares in Kara it might be possible to form a fourth Kara group with Twelve spares, or at least you have 3 raids you can fill in for rather than one.

1 or more Enigma members will be involved in Twelve officer decisions, however we must remember since we are joining Twelve their curret 25man raiders will be given prioirty at least until people prove themselves.

I have thought hard about the decision, but I believe the positives outweigh the negatives, and at the very least we will probably be in no worse a position at Twelve than we are at now.

Don't forget we have raided sucessfully with Twelve in the past, and this should be no different to Nax, except on a permament basis.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.
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