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The topic of old 40 man raiding came up before in guild chat. Be this a place to share old screen shots.


*Indianna moans suggestively at Fork
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Nice shot! I'm fairly certain I was getting carried here. But there was a point in TBC progression where I was at the forefront with some.

I remember being in the group of 5 that ran with Aelic and Atara in heroics before anyone else in the guild. This is pretty cool because I'd lvled my shaman from 1 to get there...but this was also right after I had my first shoulder surgery and did nothing but sit at home and play wow for 2 months straight.

Good times :)

edit: also, this shot is post my name being reported by some douchebag. I'd tagged "Malchezaar" for my draenei shaman because I'd done some reading on the lore months before TBC was released and I liked this Prince dude.
Shrewmkin wrote:
Jiminy wrote:
What ever happened to that snuffington dude.

I think he quit before Deathwing came out.

He's gay?
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