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We couldn't find the download all day (some idiot had uploaded it to usenet as "Super.Bowk.XLVII") so the download didn't finish till 7:30 last night. Took us through till 11:30 to watch the whole thing which wasn't fantastic for Fork and I who both had work today, but I definitely enjoyed the game.

We chose to go for the Ravens before the game and I think that certainly made it more exciting for us (in the first half at least).

For how well planned and organised everything was (besides the lights going out), I was very surprised at how shitty and tiny the presentation stage was after the game. They brought on this massive stage for Beyonce, but to present the game winner's trophy they stand on this tiny little piece of shit football shaped podium. Did anyone else think that seemed really badly thought out?

Also the presentation of MVP was kinda like 'also, grats Flacco'. I didn't really think Flacco had done that great anyway, Kaepernick seemed to have a much better game.

I'm glad I understand all the rules and could follow what was going on (and clarify when others were confused). It also certainly brought the excitement up when the 49ers actually caught up and there was only a single touchdown in it (until the million timeouts with < 30 seconds left).
Usually the MVP is the Quarterback. This is now a predominantly passing era. You could make the argument that his 108 yard return(They originally said 109 but changed it because of where he actually caught the football) plus additional TD would merit it, but the last time they gave it to a returner, it was cause it was the final score.

Desmond Howard for the Green Bay Packers was MVP from Superbowl 31 because of this run back which set the Superbowl record at that time, 99 yards(Also played in the New Orleans Superdome).

Honestly speaking, looking at the stats now, Favre should have won MVP and has been contested by many as such, however, this was the last of the scoring by the Packers. In a 'What have you done for me recently' league, he had the biggest moment for the last score to eventually ice the game. Ironically, it was also in the 3rd quarter.…..DAT VOODOO MAGIC!!
Heh, not long now. Super keen for some more Fantasy. Probably only really play 1 or 2 leagues this year, instead of 5 Lol.
yeah, I'm gonna start with training camps this year updating the board on a regular basis and also writing out some epic prologues/game previews.
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