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Now, I'm going to outright say, that the chances of my playing this are very slim, mostly due to the fail that was FFXII and FFXIII.

But god damn they can make absolutely stunning video scenes... watch in HD obviously for full awesome.
This is a re-release of the Original MMO, which iirc, wasn't to successful anyway. Your right but, very pretty, but I doubt I will have to play to play it.
Remedial wrote:
have they redone the awesomeness that was FFVII with better graphics yet?

They never will I think. It'd ruin what they already have and destroy its legacy.

Besides, they'd just fuck it up by making it linear as fuck and remove all the side quests/games/enjoyment.
hopefully they learnt from the first release. Looked awesome, but essentially no form of quests, then with a limit on the xp and loot after like 2 hours of play, it killed itself
Well that really took epic to the next level :O

The first 2/3 at least, I guess the rest was just fanfare "look who's in it" junk for people who actually know the series.
Fork wrote:
Well that really took epic to the next level :O

The first 2/3 at least, I guess the rest was just fanfare "look who's in it" junk for people who actually know the series.

Yeah i loved it. I had goosebumps at some parts but the last third was a bit corney.….the mass army to represent heaps of new players returning?….
Then the chocobo's.…….How the F did he know they teleported with him.…

I bought the collectors edition of ffxiv and never got to play it, even when it was free due to billing issues and SE ferking me around.…..That goes for thousands of other players too.…
I really liked FF XII, they remembered to include lots of the stuff that made most of the previous games awesome - the side quests, monstrous optional bosses, that kind of thing. The imperial story line was a little bland, but to be honest, not many of the previous games have a particularly original or overly captivating main story line, their success was always drawn from the openess of the world andabundance of optional content.

That's why nobody liked XIII, it was a straight highway. If this new game is an MMO I'm afraid I'll have to pass also, I don't have the time for that kind of thing.
Well contrary to most peoples views, I actually loved both FFXII and FFXIII, I have already made posts elaborating why on either these forums or my blog. Anyway I did play a bit of FFXIV when it was free (made about a post about my experiences on my blog as well). FFXIV had a lot of potential, it was immensely creative to point of inspiring to me to utilise what I seen in game in my drawings (one of the reasons why I don't regret spending time playing the game), it had great animations and a very interesting story, but what pulled it down for me was the gameplay. It just seemed that Square Enix went out of their way to make the game as complex as they could just so they could avoid a "generic approach" to an MMORPG.

Honestly I felt for most of my game time that I needed some massive game manual to read before even playing the game because learning by experience in game was just too confusing, brutal, unfun and unsuccessful for me =/. Gathering materials was painful and time consuming not to mention complex, I really don't get why Square Enix didn't take a simplified approach like other MMORPGs - approach a gathering, interact with it, get the material - instead you have to navigate your way through several interaction boxes before you even start interacting with it. Anyway I didn't really get that far in the game, played 'til level 19 or so (getting xp was hard to and so was getting gear...the crafting system confused me so much). Even though the game felt too elite for me, I would have played more, but I started playing Xenoblade at that point and seen what a real JRPG was like.

Interested to see what improvements they made to FFXIV, I really did believe it could become a great MMORPG. And yeah, epic animations =D.
For the FF lovers, you aren't missing much from the rpg series as the mmos dont have that real story feeling, the cuts cenes that give you goose bumps and emerse you in the story arent there either. One thing you do have is a FF loving community, which tames the game a bit as theres not those psyco dps class players that want to grief and be F wits to all players in the game that they dont know. The community is very helpful and friendly and it makes you feel like a tellytubby playing the game but it will put you in a nice enjoyable mood.

I can remember when FFXI was coming out, i checked the website everyday and just loved the feeling of being in a game with such beautiful graphics that was based off the FF world. Out of all mmos i have played the FF mmo series does have a very different feel, but when i jumped into ffxi it was sooooo difficult to play. UI, controls and chat were so difficult that i just got over it and went back to another mmo at the time. FFxiv was improved but it still had a feeling that made it frustrating to play. Unlock GW2 whch was absolutely easy mode and everything was easy to access, which is why it was so successful to new mmo players.

I do hope this new FF mmo will be a popular game because i could see myself getting involved. I doubt it wont be as dynamic and full on as other mmos where the PVP and RVR is flawless, but i love FF and the setting in the game really puts me in that dreamy fantasy state as i play the game which is nice to come back home to after a hard day of work/study. It will be interesting to see how the pvp works out, because TBH in online games thats what i used to play them for. I think as i get older though a great guild and community really keeps me in the game. (Why i stayed in GW2 with 12 before the game got soooo boring and the guild fell apart)

As for games like RO2 i dont think i could see myself playing because the setting of FF really draws me in, and RO lore and plenty of new games just doesnt seem to suck me in as easy, unless the combat and pvp is great, then thats a different story.
Hey guys, since the phase 1 beta has apparently started ;p, (you cant mention you got in)
Has anyone heard about how the game is going? i heard its pretty awesome compared to the old version.

I know dark will be happy with the breast sizes and skimpy outfits haha.

NDA is still on until the open beta test which will be in a month or so.
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