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Updated April 2015

I've been watching wrestling entertainment since 1997 and I invite fellow wrestling entertainment fans to discussion.

I've been to a couple of events including WCW's tour in 2000, WWE's tour in 2002, and another WWE event a couple of years later. Highlights for me was seeing Goldberg's entrance for real, those sparks look more bad ass when you see them in person, and seeing Chris Jericho tell us all "I came to the other side of the world to hear you all call me a wanker? I don't even know what a wanker is!"

Here is an interview with Daniel Bryan from 2012, it offers a great behind the scenes insight into the life of a wrestler and it might be interesting to people who aren't even fans of wrestling entertainment (though you might not know many of the people that he refers to).

Youtube is full of videos of great old matches. Here is Goldberg vs Raven in 1998.

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