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I've been testing playing GW2 with an XBOX controller.

I have the controller from Razer - the Onza Tournament Edition:

I am using a piece of software to do all of the mapping called Pinnacle Profiler: Its not free but it allows for VERY advanced configuration of the controller - not simply mapping each button to a key, but it can program delays, shifts, repeats, etc.

I even found a profile that has a method for casting ground targeted spells. It takes some practice, and this is definately the weakest point - but everything else works great.

If anyone is interested I will export my profile for the Pinnacle Profiler tool.
Easier to sit back on the couch and play it on the television I'd guess.

I used to do the same for some other games like WoW if it was just casual play and not PVP.

Pretty cool Stamps. I used Xpadder myself but the ground targeting was too troublesome so I gave up.
Keyboard and mouse, the only way to game.
For precision, no doubt keyboard + mouse is win. I would never PvP with my controller.

But - solo leveling, its relaxing. I lean back and chill with my feet up. Plus its harder, so for me it makes it more interesting. My highest character is 31, so as you can tell I am not in a hurry. I do like a challenge though!

The jump quests are more frustrating - like I said the mouse + keyboard is more precise - but they are doable. I need to tweak the stick controls a bit I think but I almost have it.

For ground targeting it took some doing - pulling in the left trigger in my setup engages "cursor mode" for the right stick. The default right stick is camera.

So - cast the targeted spell, pull in the right trigger to engage trigger mode, execute a "mouse goto x,y" command about the middle of the screen, then press the skill button again and it casts. The cool thing was the goto command - it puts your cursor in the same spot every time the left trigger is pulled.

It is a little clumsy, but it works!

I've used Xpadder - it is a nice tool - Pinnacle is SO powerful especially if you think like a programmer - you don't have to write code but it is like a state machine in a way and it executes commands in order including pauses, multiple key presses, etc.

Anyway - no argument it is harder, but it is MUCH easier than WoW because of the limited number of spells available.
Not really a "Mouse + Keyboard purist" by any means, I play most of my games with a controller, but with GW2 I think a controller would feel a bit too awkward / clumsy (I mean clumsier than the norm) for me too feel any degree of comfort using it. As I see it the game design doesn't really lend itself to controller use, unless your trying to make things more difficult for yourself ("Greater challenge" I think someone said) …. Different strokes ….
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