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Star Citizen Megathread

Pledge Citizen

Wilkommen an Bord, Pilot.

This OP is updated by Darkshaunz, so any derps within are not Wastey's fault.

Space Twelvians

Thorment [RSI ID] - Aegis Redeemer (Assault Flagship) || Retaliator (Space Operations Flagship)
Wastey [RSI ID] - Constellation
Celenas [RSI ID] - Freelancer
Khortesh [RSI ID] - F7C-M Super Hornet
Darkshaunz [RSI ID] - F7C Hornet
Ethnick [RSI ID] - Origin 325A
Spoon [RSI ID] - Aegis Avenger
Funsize [RSI ID] - Drake Cutlass - Black
Docilus [RSI ID] - Drake Cutlass - Black
Nusteyr [RSI ID] - Mustang Omega

How to join Twelve in Space

Download the Twelve decal for your ship here

Important Note about Lifetime Insurance (LTI) from CIG itself:

LTI may not be available anymore, but there are still plenty of reasons to back the current Star Citizen packages without the risk of the secondary market. Remember, insurance will be readily available for purchase with in-game credits… and the six-month (or more) free insurance bonds included in the current packages will likely cover your starter hull for far longer than it will take you to upgrade to another ship. Lifetime Insurance is a small token aimed at rewarding early backers, not something which will have a huge impact on the final gameplay.
Looks great and I'd play it, but all I want to know is where the fuck is my Freelancer MMO?
Seeing the wing commander 3 reviews way back in 1994? Is what caused me to desperately long for a PC - It was the 'multimedia' age and CD-ROMS were the big thing...putting interactive video into games was being experimented with and few were getting it 'right' at the time.

This guy was the main reason I saved my ass off and was eventually able to get a pentium 100 with 8mb of ram. I fucking played the shit out of WC 3...went retro and played WC 2 because I loved the storyline and universe that much.

Looking at his funding - hopefully he cracks 1.5m. This thing is go, it has had wide publicity on the net and I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes of this....perhaps this is the next generation space mmo to takeover from EVE. I can only hope.
Great trailer, at 1min in i was grateful i wasnt a epileptic and then at 2:30 the space ship with fans on the front.….haha i love it how he cant keep his hands still!

Its pretty awesome. Its a first for me seeing all the options for how much you can pledge.
Its a shame i only saw this today as im usually strapped half way through the month as im a uni student overseas atm.….
Currently at 5.3 mill pledge, once it hits 5.5 the actual carrier from the first video will be playable on launch. So as a guild you could own the carrier abd use it as a actual flying base
Wastey wrote:
Well im still pretty dam excited, plus alpha and beta testing should be abit earlyer!

It's going to be the best thing ever, right Pepp?
Spoon wrote:
You guys paid up to $275 for a game that won't even be out for another year? That seems like a very large helping of optimism.

One of over 300,000 optimists, I suppose.

Over 33 million USD raised, pretty impressive.
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