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Ok after reading several forum threads regarding this particular dungeon. I have reached several conclusion on this dungeon.

Here are some conclusion :

1) This dungeon are being break up into several parts, each part takes about 15 minute not counting wipes.
2) In order to progress to the next level of difficulty, you need to clear previous level of said part ( attunement process on WoW terms)
3) Boss will feature a mechanics to defeat it. ( Finally no brute force approach )
4) In conjuction with point number 2, I foresee pugging would be difficult, because lets say they are on lvl 8 difficulty, they won't want a person whose achievement well below them, the party can't progress untill all 5 member have completed all prerequisite lvl.
5) Agony debuff will start to take effect at lvl 5 difficulty.
6) Initially you will be given 5 token per clear, I'm not sure if they increase the number of token per clear with each difficulty. But if they don't expect WoW raid grind to get full Ascended gears.

With all of those in minds, I'm calling all Twelvians who are bored into the bones, to pick up your rusty armors polished it and get into gaming mode to conquer this.
Please start posting here to form party with whoever you guys been comfortable dungeoning so far. If I see some group lacking people, I'll see what I can do, since some of us have multiple geared 80, to fill the gaps.

1st team,


Renryn "Rara" Croft
Ill be keen but mi a bit unpredictable this week.…

You know. Corruption..Thailand....dinner with the possible new mayor to run my area =p!
The system just feels very dull.

I pugged difficulty 1, wasn't too bad, took us about an hour. If the upper difficulties give more tokens, it means I have to grind a few hours before I can get back where I was previously, this blows.

I can't imagine doing 10 hours of the same dungeon over a single sitting. Totally not casual.
Yeah I understand your concern Kummy, this has been pro and contra over forums as well. But take it this way, these ascended gear suppouse to be filling gaps between exotic and legendary. Second of all, who knows anet change it over the course to boost more token, it has happened before on previous dungeons.
Personally for me as long I get good uber stats gear and good looks I'm game, I mean I literally farmed for shit amount of time in ac, cof just to get full gear plus weps. Thinking back I'm rather stupid of doing that just to get a good "looks", but down the core that differentiate my toon to others is my playstyle.

I guess deep down I'm the type of guy who likes to raid and pvp at large scale. But seeing this content sure get my hopes high again. I just hope anet finally realize that end game have zero appeal if there is no sense of progression, be it armor grinding or tackling uber boss in raid.
Okay, I went to read up.

The difficulty scale increases the difficulty and rewards for the dungeon. Every time a cycle is completed, the scale goes up by one point. Players may choose up to the highest common difficulty level in the group. As the difficulty increases, enemies are more difficult and more mobs will spawn.

My concerns are null!
So I decided to enter the Mists and take some randoms for a ride, busted a bankai and killed me some monsters. After doing a complete run and then starting another we came accross our flags minion. Here I thought he was on our flag on our massive hidden base that only shaunz has seen... I had to put him in his place.


Little did I know, This demon spawn of tentacles had many a tentacle and proceded to rape us without even buying us dinner first.


We had the last laugh though, he drops 4 rares each time I have killed him thus far, you just need to complete a full difficulty + 1 or 2 fractals before reaching him.
On another note, as the difficulty gets harder, it seems that the monsters that inhabit these mist actually get busy ;) so many dredge that its not funny.

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