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Who's got some money on these four legged beasts?

Wearing your sunday best? Got your fascinator on?

Bets and Shit

Kicks off at 12pm WST!

We've got a $5 and a $2 sweep going in the office, pick a horsie out of the hat and cross your fingers.

The women are all dolled up, but still look like dogs.

Getting Nandos and salad for lunch, heard rumours of champagne too.
I've got 50 bucks on a 5 horse boxed trifecta and a couple of flexi boxed trifectas. Didn't go in the sweep but there's a bunch going at work.
I think the Melbourne Cup is dumb, but I love that it's a public holiday in Melbourne.
Got one bet on a trifecta, two bets on the colourful horses.

No sweeps going anywhere round here, everyone from Accenture is too busy to notice, as is everyone from SAS :(
Quiet day here at work, all the staff are doing race stuff. I've got $2 in the DO sweeps, and have put a few each-ways on other races on today (including the dogs) with my Ozbet account. Normally I break even, so here's hoping.
I don't usually have any interest but I got the favourite Americane in my office draw. Out family usually has a get together on cup day so we have about 20 people around. As per usual I am on 'sorting out Dad's home movies from his digital camera because he doesn't know how to do it' duties. I think the race is lining up!
Spent $14 on sweeps, won $15 with a second place in the cheap sweep.

I think it's a sign, going to win big in the lotto tonight!
had a 5 horse trifecta at 1.1%, fucken pos, didn't win.
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