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Hello fellow Twelvian, first of all let me say by I personally enjoyed being in the guild since bwe2 untill today. And I really enjoyed all the guild runs by Shaunz and all the other officers for all of us to enjoy, big two thumbs up for you guys. And I welcome the new guildies that recently join our ranks. As you guys know we strive to make our guild to be as homey as possible for the guildies that are inside Twelve.

If you haven't read Shaunz new post regarding upcoming November patch I urge you guys to do so now. To sum it up they are adding bunch of contents Dungeon, wvw map etc etc. Now that release date are approaching mighty fast now and you probably wonder what Twelve would do to tackle the new content? Well we are planning for a start to really tackle Arah as the current final dungeon to be roflstomped by Twelve. Here let me put out the schedule:

1) We will start doing Arah story mode on this Sunday, then we follow by doing each explorable path Arah has to offer.
For this purpouse we already have a ready to die squad exploring the nooks and crannies of this dungeon, the rooster are as follow

- Nusteyr
- Ethnick
- Darkshaunz
- Syphin
- Renryn

2) Once we are confident and know this place like our own backyard, I'm planning to invite the rest of our guildie to come and do the exp mode. Essentially we can break up into 2-3 grp each night to accomodate our guild rooster.

3) Aside from doing Arah, I also planned to start doing karma run farming each night if we are not skirmishing on WvW. By doing this not only you might get gold, t6 mats for crafting, you might get a chance to get a precursor for legendary weapon.

So with all of that in mind, I cordially invite all of you fellow Twelvian to post here if you are interested, with what class are you planning to take, overview of your current trait build, and finally just brief overview of your current gear. So that we can get clear picture after testing Arah, what exp path are feasible for you guys, in order to avoid wipe fest.

On final note, happy halloween to everyone here, and grats to whoever get the Emissary of the Mad King Title. Happy gaming and see you all in game.

Renryn Tomb Raider Croft ( Damn you Shaunz for giving me this nick name hehehe)
Hehe Jlab, no pressure there bro, but yeah after listening to the interview, seems they are adding bunch of content for players who has reached lvl 80. Plus nowdays you can get to lvl 80 pretty fast by using crafting, WvW, or even just doing personal story quests, or another path is to do dungeon like ac exp, while getting massive xp you also get tokens for buying your lvl 80 gears, so once you hit 80 bam! You already quite decked out.
Im keen, i just cant wait for the new changes, i hope it means faster wvw timers, or none at all!
Now that im 80 and not finding loot and cash to be needed so much i really want to do some rvr.
Host wrote:
Im keen, i just cant wait for the new changes, i hope it means faster wvw timers, or none at all!
Now that im 80 and not finding loot and cash to be needed so much i really want to do some rvr.

:O I have a huge need for Cash, can I has some :P
haha i just mean money doesnt do much for me in game atm.….not like other mmos where you save up to buy awesome gear etc.
A few weeks in i was 80 and decked with exotics.…..and i have no intentions for a legy.
I realise I kind of crashed the party.

Here's what happened today, I got on about 4pm when Renryn and Steyr were up to their level 70 quest. Steyr went off somewhere, and Renryn and me continued on. After 4 (and dinner for me along the way) hours of the stupid stupid quests, we finally made it to Kill Zhaitan the mofo.

Oh god, I hate GW2 now for putting me through this torture.
Yes definitely tonight then explorable farms. I expect before patch hit we should have netted around 3-4 piece of armor piece to show off.
Tentacles vs Snakes: Twelve Wins!

Bad Zhaitan, BAD!

So it seems Arah contained some magical artifacts that Renryn "Rara Croft" just so happened to hear about inciting him to raid its tombs like he so brutally raided the tombs in other dungeons. Nusteyr and Ethnick answered the call for heroes the Pact requested in their mission to defeat Zhaitan and cleanse the land of Orr from the corruption it is plagued by. Docilus fell asleep and woke up in the middle of Arah, he was multi-tasking between Guild Wars 2, DOTA, sleep and most likely other things which would cause any other brain to explode (he must have attained Tentacle Sage Mode or something...=/). And me, well I heard some dragons needed slaying and Dragon Slayer Syphin is always up to join fellow Twelvian Dragon Slayers when the skies need some clearing.

Reminds me of Act III Diablo III when you are descending the caves towards Azmodan and you see that big massive creature shackled in the background - very cool touch

Five Twelvians entered the Gates of Arah and five Twelvians exited the Gates of Arah in a badass Airship riding on top the corpse of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan (hahah, I wish, it would have been so badass), but we did defeat Zhaitan (storymode) and help save Orr, although it didn't seem like it because we returned back to the Risen infested Cursed Shores of Orr =(.

Ethnick sure did receive the most love from Arah's inhabitants while we were there, it must be the shiny armor he has on!

The most challenging part of the dungeon was when we had to defend the Airship from two dragons attacking it from both sides. If you don't have both sides covered with the shields from the cannon, an orgy full of knockdowns begins....Doc and myself learned the hard way how cruel this Arah [Disneyland] attraction can be, especially when the long fall from the Airship greeted us with it's fun, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But thanks to this event, I learned just how the [Illusion of Life] Mesmer ability functions =D. I was curious if it worked exactly like Warriors downed ability, "Revenge" which resulted in the revived ally being killed the moment the timer expires but awesomely this ability revives the ally temporarily and if they don't kill the enemy which downed them, they just revert back to being down rather then proceeding to the death status, so for this part of the dungeon, it works amazingly - I can avoid the knockdowns, yay! (it's a nightmare trying to revive someone when the dragons are bombarding you with their breath...).

BOOM Baby, this is how Syphin does it!

The cinematics and cutscenes were amazing, especially the one where Logan faced his guilt eating away at him head on and the scenes where Zhaitan and his minions took on the Pact's Airships. Enjoyed how the fights and dungeon functions played out, it had quite a lot of dynamic and intriguing elements, although the final phase of the Zhaitan fight was quite anticlimactic, especially when it involved shooting some sort of fireworks in Zhaitan's mouth which only a few of us could actually hit, the rest had to settle for hitting the walls or the sky due to the fixed angles the Airship cannons were set to =/. But the Medusa-esque look which Zhaitan had was hideously awesome, beautifully ugly and grotesquely captivating; those snakes he summoned were a nice touch especially when the battle took place on an Airship, but there was no need for concern because Twelve just educated Zhaitan in a lesson of Samuel L Jackson, them SNAKES ON A[N]
AIRSHIP stood no chance. Tentacles vs Snakes, the result was obvious.

Is it lunchtime already?!

And yeah, I noticed during this run which Nusteyr led, but his Bankai wielding thief looks really badass and I daresay quite sexy (ah it feels so weird calling a male character sexy, but he is =/),

Zhaitan didn't even give us any loot =(, stingy...

Thanks for reading,

-Elder Dragon Slayer Syphin-
Syphin I think I better garner you a new title Syphin the reigning Pulitzer writer. As always your adventure are being put into intriquing words, which always picquied imagination of the readers. Now much greater challenge awaits us as new paths are opened with the defeat of medusa dragon. Are you up to the challenge??

Well I planned to venture deeper into that place with you all right beside me on this sunday and upcoming days.…..

Renryn Rara Croft
im going to start farming arah exp p3(illyria forgotten ones) daily from now on....hit me up in game if anyone wants in. (i don't die at lupicus as much and can kill it 15mins inside room)
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