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Is anyone else here interested in the NBA?

I myself follow the Oklahoma City Thunder, would be cool to see if anyone else follows the basketball. :)
Shame they lost Harden, he was a big part of getting them to the finals. I think this season will be really exciting, I follow the Heat and am loving the new line up :D Ray Allen is one of my all time favourite players
Yeh Harden is a massive loss, plus he dropped 37 points today in his debut for Houston...

Miami will be super strong this year, especially since Dwayne Wade might actually do something compared to last year, also I think Lebron will go back to back MVP.
I also follow the heat. I also think that the lakers could potentially win if they can keep all there starters fit and playing. but this year looks like its going to be heaps exciting so many teams got alot better since last year.
The Milwaukee Bucks are relevant again for the first time in fucking 15 years.….I'm totally in!

I love videos like that.

I'm sad Washington got their first win of the season, almost beat the all time record for worst start to a season.

Spurs were fined 250,000 for resting three stars (Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobli) against Miami to prepare for the next game against Memphis. Just some random headlines.
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