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SilverClaw wrote:

I'm curious Hekate, as someone of such elegance and articulation. You don't strike me as your typical MMA fan. How did you become interested in this sport? What do your friends think?

Personally, my friends hate the fact I watch this sport, they don't understand it and to them, it's human cockfighting.

Bain has watched it for a while. I got sucked in a couple of years ago through The Ultimate Fighter.
We have a friend we usually watch it with. His wife is also a fan so when she's not working she comes too. Otherwise my friends seem mildly surprised at my interest but don't say much. I don't think they really know anything about it, or they might be more surprised.

I'm not hugely knowledgable about it really, but I'm learning and enjoy watching it and yelling at the tv :)

(Also, GSP is the one guy I would be allowed to cheat with, haha.)
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