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Do you Facebook? Google+? MySpace?

I currently have a Facebook account and I have mainly High School friends on there - total friend count - 270 or so.
Likes: I can keep up to date with my peeps. I like adding check in's at restaurants, taking pics of good food or drink and sharing them - people seem to like following some of my crap because most of them all live in the US still and they have never been to Japan.
Dislikes: everything else. Game updates, ads, crap, etc.

I had a MySpace account but hated it.

I have a Google+ account, but I have 3 friends I think - some news feeds, feeds from some celebs, that's it - I rarely spend time on it. You can migrate from Facebook to Google+ with a little trickery that actually doesn't seem that bad: - but will your friend make the move?
Likes: Just about everything - its what I think Facebook should be - keeping in touch with people, the BS of games and such not there. News feeds, etc - I like it.
Dislikes: my peeps are not there!

I have read that MySpace is coming back: Neat video, but same problem with Google+ - my peeps are not there!

Just curious to find out how you do social media, if at all?
Google+ never get used since no one uses it. It seems like a decent interface but without other people using it the whole thing is basically pointless.

I use facebook because my friends do and it's interesting every now and then to check what other people are up to, but other than that I really don't care about it.

Facebook is just for people too shit to know about Twelve forums.
I have Facebook with close to 280 friends.

The reality is, an asteroid could fall and kill half of my entire friend list - and I still wouldn't know 70% of them.

My favourite part of Facebook is how important I feel everytime I logon (which is rare) to see an invite for every flash game ever made by humanity. Half of them are usually sim city clones, simming all manner of tripe and bullshit. The other ones are card games, mafia war clones and there's even a game where all you do is send presents to your friends. A GAME. WHERE YOU JUST SEND PRESENTS TO FRIENDS.
Yeah - I am pretty much fed up with FB - but there are a dozen or so people of the 270 that I am interested in keeping tabs on (ie. Stalking). Many of them live vicariously through me - no surprise most of them have never left their hometown - for anything - ever. Folks from Michigan tend to not travel that much.

Some of the political rants are interesting lately with the elections coming up - but meh - if my account was hijacked or something I wouldn't bother getting it fixed.

So yes - I like to feel important when people comment on all of the cool stuff I am posting - which is mainly drinking in countries they will never get to go to. Is that really worth it for me? Nah.
I have a face book account but rarely use it/log into it. I tend to monitor most info from what FB sends to my email account. I use Google+ to communicate with my mother, she posts all her photo's to me in our circle. I don't have a twitter account or a myspace page.
I use my facebook all the time. I use the messenger as an alternative to texting and it's a pretty good group chat as well.

I post my photos up to facebook so my friends and family can see what I'm up to etc. G+ I don't use, but have. Even though facebook is becoming increasingly annoying, it really is useful to get in touch with friends etc. I still reserve proper messages to friends to email, just seems more intimate.
Facebook is my main way to stay in touch with people especially for all the people I met while overseas who I would else wise never see or hear from again. I also find it useful for chatting to my university friends for assignments etc. Also there is no need to print out all your photos any more because you can just open a phone application and show anyone them any time.
I use Facebook mostly, but I find it's actually useful in helping me stay up-to-date with the stuff that goes on in the lives of my friends.

To make Facebook less shitty, I have a policy on friending people: "If I wouldn't be cool with you coming over to my place on short notice to have a cup of tea, then you're not on my friends list." You don't have to be family, an acquaintance or my best friend ever, you just have to not be a complete douche-bucket.

I wish I used Twitter more, but I always forget my password and resetting it on my iPhone is like drawing blood from a stone so I just don't bother with it anymore.
I use facebook to creep on hot teenage girls. It's what it was intended for. I have about 580 friends of which I'm friends with about 40. The rest are hot girls I've added over the years. The best part is this ongoing phenomenon of posting more and more revealing photos of oneself. More so if you are attractive. So my feed is mostly full of photos of hot girls in bikinis or various other states of undress. It's voyeurism at it's best. In fact voyeurism is the sole reason for facebook's success, people just have trouble admitting that they enjoy having a look into others lives.
When im not on twelve forums, Im on facebook hehe well not that often.

Never looked at google+ didnt understand or like the look of myspace and then got facebook back in 2007?ish cos my sister had it and an old school friend was looking for me.

I think i have 89 friends, which im quite happy with, actually might delete a few more later... half of my 'friends' are family, maybe 1/4 of the rest are friends, old school friends,… an then the rest are the odd random added to help with the silly games that I get addicted to for a week or two an then never play again.

But I agree with jiminy ;)
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