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Fork wrote:
We've got a mixture of hand-me-down from family, IKEA, new stuff and second hand stuff from Gumtree in our house.

Looking at Gumtree now. I thought Gumtree was some shitty ebay ripoff, until I saw the link to it on the ebay homepage.

It is quite good, I am finding more local lounge and dining suites then ebay. Heck, I can pick up a 1950's Wooden 6 piece dining suite for $350, and its around the corner from where I live lol.
I'd advise against expensive/light coloured/delicate furniture if your a young family/couple looking to have sperm - > egg races in the future.

Your offspring will do their best to destroy your property.

Case in point my leather modular lounge that is covered in blue biro...thanks fuck it is chocolate brown. When something new is broken these days I just turn to my wife and say 'can't have nice things'
Ikea Mattresses are really good and pretty cheap.

Couches there a pretty expensive and they aren't that comfortable.
When i first moved out, $2000 bought me an entire house of furniture. Half of it lasted about a year, because it wasn't that great quality but it served its purpose and we ended up replacing it with higher quality ikea furniture. I wouldn't recommend the couches personally. I just dont think they're as comfortable as others around their price range. The beds and mattresses are awesome. Our whole bedroom setup probably only cost around $350-500 including mattress. My advice in the lounge room department is have a look on ebay get a second hand couch. We got one for $100 which is huge and the most comfortable thing ever.
I never said they werent comfortable, I still have ours in the office and it is comfy - there are just better out there for a comparable price.
Sorry, didnt mean to repeat i guess.
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