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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
Hi everyone!
My name is Shanon, I'm 31, originally from Melbourne but living in Perth for the last year & a bit (it's not thaaat bad eh? :))

Been playing MMOs for a long time now, mostly WoW from Vanilla through Cata. Finally burnt out after killing Rags (for the 2nd time). In between I've tried a bit of Warhammer, SWTOR, Tera & EVE but nothing ever quite grabbed me the same way. Until GW2! Been loving the betas and really looking forward to the game.

Currently trying to knock over darksiders 2 before launch but probably won't quite happen. For a nerd I sure do spend a lot of time out drinking and practicing my flawless dance moves :P
That steam summer sale also ended up costing me dearly & one day I hope to be unemployed and finish all the games I bought :) haha

I've been looking around for a good community to start afresh with this shiny new game & Twelve looks like a perfect fit ;D Although I should give credit to my long time gaming buddy Ember who is also apping shortly for doing all the leg work.

Cheers & cya in game!
Hi Shannon

Welcome to the wide jerk filled world of Twelve. I can already see you will fit right in around here given your love of Gaming and drinking however before that i need you to do something for me.

So in MSpaint draw for me Darth Malgus fighting Ragnaros while punching the rider of death in the face. Upload it to the gallery when your done. Im not looking for the next mona lisa i just want you to put in some effort.

We all eagerly await your efforts. :D
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Welcome Shannon,

I eagerly await your mspaint submission! When its complete we will look at getting you a Ventrilo account to join us for tomorrows headstart.

Feel free to join any discussions you find interesting, and join in over at our GW2 subforum :D
I do enjoy a challenge! I may even upload an earlier ms paint collaborative piece as an added bonus :)

TBH I haven't settled completely on which race I'll be playing.. but I will definitely be playing a thief and then an elementalist alt at some stage. Time to take a break from warriror'n my way around ;)
I have to admit, I enjoyed the high volume of ranger hijack threads in the thief forums haha.
Spitting image of Rag! :P

Nice work! Hit up Darkshaunz or Docilus and they will organise you a Ventrilo account! WELCOME :D
That brings back memories of vanilla wow.
Welcome to Twelve
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