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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
Hi there everyone, I'm Sam.

I'm 20yrs old and am currently living in Bathurst, but I'll soon be moving to Adelaide. At the moment I'm studying a degree in Forensic and Analytically Chemistry and working full time.

Basically I've been a gamer on and off my whole life (dependent on dosh i suppose and situation). I've only recently bought a new computer, after my old gaming comp died (and resorted to solely xbox-ing) and have finally gotten to play SWTOR and Diablo III, both of which I'm loving and have been psyched for GW2 a long time.

My passion is definitely RPGs and variants thereof. Some of my favourite games to date are SWTOR, Diablo series, Mass Effect Series, The Elderscrolls series, Battlefield 2&3 (didnt play 1), The Witcher 1 & 2, CS:S (and now CS:GO) and the Halos. I've probably forgotten some so don't hold me to them :).

Currently i'm thinking of doing a Norn Ranger class and then maybe either a Mesmer or Guardian, though not sure which race.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to experiencing GW2 with you guys, as its always more sharing it with like minded people :D
Hi there future NCIS agent! We have a few traditions around here and one of which is hazing new people to craft something in MSpaint or some other drawing based program.
First here are some rules:
1) No copy and paste.
2) Photoshop is usually not allowed, we really really prefer people to have some fun in MSpaint like programs.
3) Put some effort into it.
-(4) Extra points for top hats and monocles are awarded.

In MSpaint, I would like you to draw me a crime scene of exploded cars that has happened during a Bathurst 1000. There has to be at least one corpse outline, with you (feel free to represent yourself as a dinosaur) bending over looking at the corpse outline. Draw this an upload it to our gallery and then post the image back here. Gallery
(If you throw in a terrible one liner I'll probably <3 you.)

PS get an avatar.

edit: added a bad word.
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Good Day Cheese,

Welcome to the Twelve forums. I should warn you that we are a gang of really violent hard-ballin' gangstas. Our community is not for the faint of heart. As a street gang, we continue to rep ourselves by irresponsibly posting animated gifs and playing "Call me Maybe" at full volume in public places.

Keeping in tradition with our gangbangin' baller ways, Cakes has asked you to undergo a trial by fire that all newbies must experience (the MSPaint challenge). To many, this is a lot more fearsome than having you steal a Mars bar from the local deli - or beating up a pelican for a bar of chocolate.

Do not disappoint da hood.

Peace out.
Welcome furry gangster, I eagerly await your mspaint and your presence on Saturday as we go tentacle first into Tyria! :)
Hello! Welcome to the fold, I am sure you will fit right in.

I will warn you most of us are a bit "off" - well OK not most but at least me - so there you are warned.

I love babies, I do - but I don't think I could eat a whole one.

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