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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.

I've always hated these introductory threads, but alas here we go.

My name is Mark, I am currently 20 but shall soon be 21 and I live in Sydney. I went to game design college with both Salin and Crysto, and have decided to join this guild for Guild Wars 2 since it looks amazing and I hate playing a mmo just by myself and no friends around. So it looks like you guys are stuck with me :P

I haven't really read much on Guild Wars 2, nor have I made my mind up yet as to what I want to play. I think I'm just going to wing it, though the Elementalist and Mesmer look like interesting classes so it might end up being one of those 2.

I've played a few MMO's in the past such as Runescape(not proud of that), Wow for vanilla then played again for WoTLK and Cat with a break in between them and was in the private beta for SWTOR though never intended on really playing it. Glad I didn't as well as it kinda flopped. Other than that I am waiting for Halo 4 to also come out . In the past I have played Cod, Battlefield 3, Halo 3 and Halo Reach. Kinda a big halo fan :D

I also am a 3d Game Artist, in which I am trying to start my own company for with 2 of my friends. We are making a game kinda like geometry wars crossed with raiden x with a very arcade feel to it. Lots of glow, upgrades and explosions is how I envision it turning out. It should be hopefully out by the end of the year, but we are putting the alpha/beta version on Steam's Greenlight when that gets released for general feedback and response to the game.

Small question about the MSPaint challenge... is it fair if I have a graphics tablet? or is that not allowed? hehe. I'm a shitty drawer anyway, so I doubt it will help.

I look forward to playing with you all :D
Greetings Tuckey.

Tablets are a-okay as long as you use MSPaint.

I would like you to draw for us Tintin and his dog Snowy riding a motorbike and sidecar trying to escape Cthulu who is chasing them. Also they are in space. Upload it to the Twelve gallery and then post it here.
You seem alright based on the fact that I like Crysto and Salin. It's alright if you're only pretending to like Salin, me too..

You should play GW2!!

Wow... all that? In MS Paint? Goddamnit, should've kept my mouth shut lol. I guess I needed something to do tonight anyways.

Overqualified for being a gamer? Impossible!

Of course I'm only pretending to like Salin, otherwise he'd crush me with his huge huge hands :D. I am definitely going to play GW2, just bought it in fact.
Good evening and welcome to the Twelve Forums,

I enjoy the fact that you hate these introductory threads and then proceeded to slog through them anyway. Perhaps that's my more sadistic side brimming out.

A graphics tablet is absolutely fine - as long as you use MSPaint as your medium of delivery. Everyone claims they are a shitty drawer, but usually the drawings are very positively received by the greater Twelve community.

I enjoyed shoot-em-ups (shmups, as it were) in my early days. I played a lot of Raiden and 1942 when I was a small boy. There's nothing quite like dodging bullets...that shoot more bullets. The genre is analogous to running into the rain outside and dodging the raindrops - is it a measure of absolute reflexive skill, or a measure of near-psychic autism? It really is the sort of game that has spectators awestruck at the obsessiveness a high-level player must possess in order to succeed in the later stages. A more recent example I think of would be Ikagura (sp?).

I eagerly await your MSPaint delivery, as does Spoon.

- DS
Thanks Shaun!

Ahh I've only played Raiden out of those games, and it was a long time ago on a good ol' arcade machine. Nevertheless the genre is still fun to play whatever skill level. The top tier players though will need a combo of a lot of reflexive skill and resource management between controlling areas and what upgrades you choose to get at the time. Should be fun to play when we get it to a decent level, I'd appreciate some feedback as well if you want to play the game when it's in a testable state.

We'll see how this submission turns out, though I'm not promising anything
Hey Tuckey

Welcome to Twelve. I have heard a few tales of you from Crysto and Salin though i cant remember any of them lol. Since you already know them you should fit right in assuming Shaunz and Spoon like your MSpaint drawing. Good luck buddy.
Hello and welcome! I am really looking forward to your masterpiece now :) "I have a tablet, is that fair?"… Shiiiiiit.….

hehehehehe - the PRESSSSSURE IS ON!!!

Just kidding have fun with it and welcome to the clan mate!
Welcome to Twelve!

I think what you're studying is cool. I've been thinking about studying in the art side of gaming n have a thousand questions, but I don't want to hijack your welcome thread.

Give us the dirt on Salin & Crysto!
Cakes wrote:
Fork wrote:
Welcome! Do you pull down your pants to fart so you don't have to wash them as often?

The fuck? Who does that?

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