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Hi everyone, Im reetzy 38 from Biloela QLD. I working in the mining industry up here (yes the carbon tax suxs) and have 3 kids (sponges).

Zodiak recommend Twelve from over at whirlpool as I am looking for a guild to kick off Guild Wars 2 in. I have been an avid MMO gamer since WoW came out and want to give GW2 a good go. I have been heavily involved in raiding and achieved realm first achievements for Yog +0 plus many more. This year I stopped that due to just wanting to have more of a social gaming habit and get into PvP which is why GW2 looking interesting.

I love my TV shows (not FTA) channel BT for everything, True Blood, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, all forms of Star Trek/Gate, Dexter and the list goes on.

I'm looking to role either a Thief or Mesmer but not totally sure yet as I stayed away from beta on this one.

Anyway that's about it so let me know if there's anything else you require.

Heres my attempt at MS paint drawing lol not that good...

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G'day reetzy. One more week to go, have you organised time off work for next weekend?

Before we can go any further I need you to draw a picture of yourself, riding your mining vehicle skateboard-style in a race against Curiosity on Mars. Use MS Paint, upload it to the Twelve Gallery and submit it here.

An avatar would be nice too.
It's great you decided to join!! Welcome!

Is Biloela like Rockhampton? Kids might be sponges but you can make them do housework, bring you beer Haha!

Have you seen vids at least, to help you decide which prof you want to play? Thief is high risk/high reward playstyle, relying on high mobility. Mesmer is more confusion/debuff based, has more ranged options than thief.

Anyways, check out the GW2 subforums if you want more info. We have other people into the same shows, n discuss them in the tv subforums too.
Welcome to Twelve Reetzy,

Any buddy of Zodiak's is a buddy of ours.

Drop me a PM if you would like a ventrilo account, as we will all be assembling on vent prior to the headstart.

Don't forget to get a forum avatar and complete Doc's request to the best of your ability!
Gday mate,

Welcome aboard. All those tv shows you've mentioned have discussion threads going, you'll find many like-minded lads here.

What do you do in the mines? I'm guessing you work in pit coal, met or energy? What company? BHPB or Rio?

I work in open pit nickel at the moment in WA, reliability engineer for a CAT 793D fleet and a bunch of liebherr shovels and two d90 drills.
I work for Anglo Coal as a Maintenance Manager in one of the open cut pits, our coal is all thermal going to local power stations., seems we have a common field of work.
Nice, you're a few levels of management above me but yep, same field.

I'm FIFO Perth, I don't think I'd ever convince my missus to live in a country town. I don't really see the benefit to being residential because I reckon you'd still do the 12hour days that FIFO do, but 5 days a week instead of 4 equivalent. I guess seeing your sponges every night is nice.

I think thermal coal is in a better space right now than met coal. Nickel is hurting, we're losing $50mil/month across our division and I'm seeing my fleet drop in numbers each month as they stand down more and more to reign in costs. Counter productive in terms of tonnage but when you're selling for a loss who cares.

It's going to be an interesting 12-24months for the industry. A lot of the "safe-haven" commodities are going to get a shake up I think.

Anyway...see you in GW2!
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