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Hi all.

Introducing myself as I am keen to play guild wars 2 and join you all in it.

I'm a 37 male that has played a lot of mmo's since wow and prior to that some rpg's. I work 2 days a week currently and spend a lot of my off time watching TV/Foxtel and playing The Secret World ( tbh I haven't got into it that much)..

I played a bit of warhammer online so have some idea of RvR but honestly I'm not huge on pvp although I did enjoy playing RA's a lot back in Guild wars 1.

I live near the surf coast of Melbourne.

The Goonies is one of my favourite movies of all time. I couldn't resist using chunk for my avatar on these boards. :D
The goonies? Seriously? I can't handle watching that movie; it's just 90 minutes of kids yelling. Honestly, watch it again now and you'll notice it.

Anyway, welcome. Brace yourself for incoming ridiculous art request or request for disclosure of way too personal information.
Howdy Truffleshuffle!!

Why Truffles? Do you mean the chocolate or the fungi? I'm leaning towards chocolate because you're in Melb n there are tons of choc cafes there. I'm envious that you're only working two days a week, more gaming time!! What's you fav foxtel show?

Which race/prof combo will you be rolling? PVE or PVP or RvR focused? How did you hear about Twelve?
Good day Truffle and welcome to Twelve,

Please ignore Willy, as he is a very jaded individual who has lost the ability to taste flavours.

He is right about one thing however, I will need you to complete a MSPaint art request.

I need you to draw me a picture of Chunk surfing at the beach. Colour is highly encouraged. Upload your surfing artwork to our Gallery.

Good luck!

Favourite foxtel show would have to be Sienfeld.
oh.. for guild wars I'll main a warrior with alt elementalist and engineer.
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Darkshaunz wrote:
Hahaha, that is well done, Truffle!

That is the most accurate Fatboner Afro Clown Surfer impersonating Chunk that I have seen.

The coconut tree was a ravishing finish to the aesthetics.

Yeah the impression was of one of those glassy days where the sky seemingly envelopes the sea. I'm glad you liked it. :)
Spoon wrote:
No, but really, the Goonies wasn't very good

I didn't think the day would ever come where you agree with me over something. I feel like our relationship can progress now.

If I was to pick a kids movie from the era it'd be The Sandlot Kids. - hmmm after looking at this it's from a different decade...but whatever.

Zodiak wrote:
Truffleshuffle, you didn't answer any of my questions. Not happy Jan.


I answered Seinfeld to the best foxtel show. sorry I missed the others.

By Truffle's I mean the truffle shuffle from the goonies movie.

In Guild wars 2 Race prof combo is going to be a human warrior as I played an Asura warrior to level 27 in the last BWE and liked it the most. I am going to go human as I prefer their quest area's and their elite skills also their personally story will hopefully be the most polished. PvE will be my main focus with some utility to help with RvR.
I heard about Twelve from a link from the guild wars facebook page to that forum for guild wars 2 forum. Twelve had an add running in the recruit members section and it was the only oceanic guild I could find.
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