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I love it.

The description, not this forum. It's your job to make me love it!

Maybe we can make it a Sports & Games form so it includes board games, card games etc..?
should move the fitness thread into here aswell
Some possible threads to move to these new subforums:

Why test match Cricket is so awesome
Rugby World Cup 2011 [New Zealand]
ICC Cricket World Cup 2011
The Ashes
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Tri Nations anyone?
Euro 2008

Other potentially relevant threads to these subforums:

[Soccer] Players taking dives
Euro 2008 boo, Boobies yay
Yay for Australia!!
more zidane LOLOL that crazy mixed up kid.
gg zidane

There probably are other sport related threads somewhere in these forums, but these are the ones I've found.
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