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Wow, things have changed on this site. What's up 12?

It's going on 1am here so I can't get too in depth with my life right now. Back in the states, married, kiddo is 18 mos old. I'll peruse the site a bit more tomorrow to catch up on the old crowd.

It's funny because Sanadrix and I still hold the 12 days as the glory days of our WoW careers. I guess there is something to be said about spending ridiculous amounts of time with a bunch of foul-mouthed Ozzies playing the game that will not die.

Just in case anyone still plays WoW, Sanadrix and I play on Earthen Ring as horde. I'm Solael and he is Exumbra in a super small RL friends guild called Sons of Doomhammer. If any of you old(er) fools have hordies and wanna do something or the other lemme know and I'll do my best to manipulate the drastic time zone difference!
Miss you robot man
Gday mate, welcome back. Good work checking in and seeing if it's still alive and kicking here (it is).
Are you rp'ing? I've always been curious about RP servers (if proper RP is done). I reckon I could give it a go if I made the effort to build my proper back story.
Shit one of the original pillars of Twelve, welcome back big guy. Great to hear your life is going so great!
Oh damn, that harkens back to ye olden tymes!

Lunais, unfortunately, is dead. … ais/simple

Perhaps he shall return come Mists.

My wife beckons me to go to sleep, but I must answer that question what has been put forth.

No, no role play. Well, erotic is all. ER is just a crowded as hell NA server. Not that it matters, because my dungeon finder groups are always, ALWAYS filled with people from Brazil. Not the rest of Latin America where I could pidgin some shitty Spanish, but Portu-whatthefuckishespamming-gese speaking Brazil.

Oh well, my up arrow on the keypad is the skull marker. Seems to work.
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