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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
Hello, my name is Seb. I'm 21 and a student living in Brisbane.
I will be playing gw2 on release. and have played many other games over the years. Guildwars, WoW, Starcraft2, BF3, etc..
I'm friends with Trepz aka rob.
He wanted me to tell you guys I taught him how to not be shit at guild wars

Looking forward to playing in the next BWE with you guys.
Hey Seb, Welcome to Twelve.

Good to hear you're not shit at Guild Wars 2. This is an important quality that we like to see within our new members.

We usually erect a thread closer to the event date and fill it with a roster attending Twelvians - so you will know how to get in touch for an invite. You'll also need to transfer your characters over to the Isle of Janthir server.

Tell us a bit more about yourself, especially important things like:

i) What are you studying?
ii) If the world was ending, what would be the three key things you would take?
iii) Did you know you are a Nigerian prince and that you only need to wire me USD$500 to claim your estate?
I'm doing a Cert IV in Aeroskills (Avionics).

Where would i be taking these things? having a spaceship would be quiet nice tho. Find my self a new world

Well obviously id wire the $500 asap, and have a party in my new estate..
haha, I'm originally from the GC only moved up to Brisbane this year.

I've been tossing between Mesmer and Ele, but I'm pretty sure I'll be playing a Mesmer. But yeah pretty keen for BWE, more so release tho.
This guy.

Seb used to be my roommate, he taught me how to guild wars. He also taught me real life self defence (things like how to use bystanding llamas to give you the upper hand if your opponent is approaching with a spear-gun - complicated but life saving stuff).

Cakes wrote:
[img][/ img]
There also seems to be more and more of us from QLD...
GC hurr.

First thing I laughed at in this picture:

Misc lingo has destroyed the way I view everything.
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