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New members please make a thread and say hi! We're not evil or anything, promise.
@ Everyone: THANK YOU for the rather....quaint and warm welcome. I'll be sure to change servers on BWE3 to "formally" meet you guys

@Jiminy/salin: i make it look like a lion's mane, but without the coloring mind you. i can tell you in detail the shape and density from my snail trail downwards, but i don't want you to dream about that tonight.

@Shaunz: That's sounds impressive. I'd like to see you guys in action definitely, so I'll transfer servers at next beta event (though i'd be leveling my sorc (elementalist) first to 10-15 before RvR). Some of my ideas turned out to be already in use... esp the mesmer death dot summoning, which was done by team legacy with golems... laughing hard at that one i absolutely loved it xP

@Cakes: neither. but if my life depended on it i'll choose spiders fur sustenance, and skin flakes for delicacy, depending on who it comes from. ^_~.

@Steyr: Whoring? Definitely. definitely. and i saw what you did there
@Shaunz: In that case I also offer my tongue for that purpose.

@zodiak thankss :D Atm i'm refusing to look at leaked stuff too since i want to be amazed by the final product rather than expect something coming...Although I did so much of that in Aion beta and I was still drooling over the graphics for the first 2 months I played retail... It's a very beautiful game... This time, I want to feel rewarded and epic when i unlock contents...
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