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Hey guys!
im 25 i live in geelong vic and cant wait for GW2 to come out. ive played ultima online ( yea oldskool ) for like zomg 10 years lol City of heroes for about 3 untill it became F2P and the servers pretty much went to crap so i left and have played multiple F2P MMORPG's in the past. These days i pretty much play single player rpg's like Kingdoms of reckoning and Skyrim and also FPS's like Battle field, Black ops, MW2, and lets not forget Counterstrike 1.5-1.6 and CSS

I currently work as a Abalone farmer ( lol ) i used to go to school and study my Diploma of I.T but unfortunatly after a year or so i ran out of monies and had to go back to work so yea i can do a bit of VB JAVA XHTML and some other stuffs.

Lately all i do is work and sleep and play with my dogg hero see they boys every now and then and work so im looking for a bunch of fun loving peeps to share this new game with and break up the monotony of life BLEH! and judging by your boards LOL! me thinks u guys look pretty peachy

:thumbleft: Snikkes
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yea lol GW2 i edited my post lol, i got a bit excited me thinks.

Space Octopus aye let me look in my 101 uses book.…. Oh! here we go

1: Space Octo Vest ( Like to see Mr burns get one of them)
2: Space Octo car polisher ( seriously over washing my car )
3: Space Octo party bong ( lol yea im a stoner...)
Snikkes wrote:
Done and done, look forward to seeing some of you there

Awesome, I'll make a vent account for you - so you can hop on the comms and hear our angelic voices.

By angelic I mean, we may actually give you night terrors.

Be sure to check your PMs on the forum.
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