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Your red can had too many/too large holes at the spout. You should have bought a 12 dollar pump spray for the job.
Bugger =/ I was going over the lawn pretty quick and thought it was all getting a decent layer of POISON on it but it still must have been too much.. ah well.

Next time, sprayer! I still have most of the back lawn to do actually, I just did some spot POISONING as it would have taken 3 hours to do the whole lot with the watering can.. might pick up a sprayer early next week and try again.
Also good. I'm not sure there is a bindi version, but I use feed and weed on all the lawns I take care of. While your at it, grab a Seasol one, get some fertiliser on that shit.
Organise one of your days off with me, I'll come direct and spend your money.
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