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Bain wrote:
All good - I downloaded Zygor's leveling addon. It tells me all I need to know about leveling (when im not pvping)

I need this.
I've stopped playing this. I have a couple of complaints, of which I shall share with you now.
Leveling and questing seems directionless. At level 6, I was doing level 8 quests. At level 8 I had run out of quests, till I found some lvl 12 ones. I enjoy the whole 'walk off the path and find a new quest' thing, but I'm competent enough at mmo's that I would just blow right through them.
Open public dungeons are great, but most people are wankers. The dungeons are similar to rifts, but with more failure.
Weapon swap; why does it have to wait until level 15?? I feel the game is lacking one of the fundamentals until 15, I just feel broken.
There aren't any twelvians playing when i'm playing. Games are more fun when you can yell at your fellow team mates over mumble.
Diablo is still enjoyable, so I'm playing that at the moment instead. I may play more TESO in the future, but it is not looking likely.

I did manage to convince Shiva to pick up the game. After a failed attempt of letting her create a character on my account, I set about explaining the game in a bit more detail. Since getting her own account she has not played anything else.
TESO is more single player with groups of people online, then a true MMO.

The PVP component is about the only area i feel is MMO'esque.
I played for a bit, but found it hard and lonely to play it all solo. Shiva still plays, she plays it like a Skyrim expansion.
Stopped playing. Cancelled out subs. The game itself has gone quiet quickly too. PVP zone has died in the ass.

Playing Wildstar beta as it's more engaging and fun.
I saw that this morning and the first thing that popped into my head was "holy shit, that's dedication."

Both in the bloke who pieced all the information together, and the developers for caring about their lore.
I would really like to get back into a pvp/rvr intensive game. Miss the old days of daoc, war and gw2.….ffxiv just doesn't bring enough end game satisfaction for me.

I had hopes for ESO, hopefully the next patch will help it out somewhat but i think it maybe too late!
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