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Hey , I hope you guys are all doing fine ! So I'm 21,mostly male and I'm a trained chef currently serving for the Canadians Forces. I love gaming and I'm looking for a GW2 home ! My MMO experience has been in major part from FFXI, I did play a little bit of WoW and some Aion too. Besides MMO I enjoy Fighting games,FPS, RPGs and Dark Soul...

So yea, about me: French is my main language but I do speak english ( with a beautiful accent of course), I love rhum, playing guitar, jogging and cooking. I promise to be active on the cooking sub-forum *pinky swear* !

I guess that's wraps it up ! Feel free to ask me any question ! (I'm quite scared of saying that actually,seeing the other post)

Cheers ! :chef:
Hey there buddy!

Welcome to our wonderful abode. Take a look around and jump into any forum/thread that looks interesting and don't be afraid to post about anything.

So when you say 'Canadian Forces' is that like a normal country's Armed Forces but since it's Canada there are no guns?
Don't be scared, just try not to wander off into the Wat thread as I recently posted something very disturbing while I was drunk last night.

Welcome to Twelve!
Welcome to Twelve, Infected!

Thank you for giving us Epic Meal Time, Canada seems like such an awesome place. We have another active and awesome Canadian around here called Bladearts.

If you're looking for a GW2 home, we would be very glad to have you play with us. Twelve already has a solid group of people that will head into the beta weekend (coming soon, next week). It would be great if you could make that, and meet your new guild members. :D

Please take a look at the following threads, Class choice and Weekend Beta. Feel free to create any GW2 topics of discussion that spring up to mind as well.

I have one question, can you tell me the french words for "Tentacle" and "Octopus"? I need to know, for scientific purposes.
We actually use some variations of the traditionnal "snowballs" (we put rocks in them !!) as our long range weapons. Besides that, we are like any other army, except much smaller. :P And no, I have never took a shit in my shower (yet) !

You chose two hard word to say for non-french talking person !
Tentacle : Tentacule tan-ta-ku-l
Octopus : Pieuvre pieu-vr

Have fun with those ! *evil laugh*
InfectedBC wrote:
Hey , I hope you guys are all doing fine ! So I'm 21,mostly male...

Hold up!! Mostly male?!? Whats the other parts? 5% Female, 10% Na'vi, 2% Borg? Plz explain
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