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Im kinda interested by it and saw someone mention there in A.D.F so I thought you guys would be able to help me understand it more :)
All depends on what you want to do. Remember its all Tax Free and you and your family receive health benefits.

If you want to study University, try to become an Officer. Go to ADFA and
video tape...
get paid to study. Only the top percent of students get this opportunity.

Otherwise, if your looking for a Trade, the forces have plenty to choose from.

You could also just join up to become cannon fodder.

Basically ring 131901, and they will set you up with an interview with a Recruitment Officer when they come to your town. They will quiz you about your chosen Defence Force to see what you know. There should also be an Information Night Parent/Student Night for ADFA and Duntron, I am sure your school career advisor would help you.
Thanks for info but i meant personal experience, ive already looked into that, though maybe one question you could answer would be what would be the top percent that get into that uni?
Well you need to pass the attitude test. Basically if your looking at an OP(QLD) of a 1-5, you should be ok.

Plus you need to do a psych test to see if your what the ADF is looking for in an Officer.
How tall are you? How fit are you? Are you overweight? Do you suffer from any allergies or location effects (vertigo, travel sickness, etc) Do you have any phobias? What level of schooling have you acquired?
Wiing wrote:
attitude test


popolo wrote:
Is the ADF similiar to Boy-scouts of America?

No, the Australian Defence Force is not similar to American Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts is similar to American Boy Scouts.
Spoon wrote:
No, the Australian Defence Force is not similar to American Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts is similar to American Boy Scouts.

Ah, those fond memories of the camp counselor taking me behind the facilities and asking me if I wanted to "earn a special badge."
The defence force is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with the time and motivation to put into it. They treat you well, they pay you heaps, and when you decide to move on you will have 1,000 times the self confidence you had before hand and one of the most respected organisations on your resume. It's tough work but you will make loads of new friends and go places where you never thought you would go. As I've said in the past on this topic, even if you fail to get in like I did (failed my eye test) you will still be better off for trying.

Apart of the process I had both a aptitude and attitude test with a psychologist. An example of a attitude test question was, "What is your attitude towards guns?".
Last Question on psych exam - "When your on top of a skyscraper do you have the urge to jump off?"

I got accepted to become an Electrician, however, I wanted to study Engineering, so I went to uni instead.

Never really looked back, with no regrets that I didn't do it. Ending up becoming an Electrician, and I had freedom to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.
thanks for all the info guys. im actualy just 14 so these are just ideas but was planning on becoming a pilot. Also dont know whether or not this was for me but: no allergees no sickness, very healthy and been fit all my life.
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