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Wil Wheaton's Table Top

Season 3 - Cards Again Humanity

Wil Wheaton (alongside Felicia Day) has created a new web series about board games.

In the first episode Wil Wheaton and guests, Sean Plott (Day[9]), Grant Imahara (host of Discovery Channel's "Mythbusters"), and Jenna Busch (some annoying bint) play the game 'Small World'.

Fork and I watched the first episode last night and it was really amusing and just generally entertaining. I'm greatly looking forward to the future installments.

Day[9] really tends to steal the show, but I'm definitely okay with that. Check it out!
I thought it might drag on but I really enjoyed it.

Day 9 was fucking hilarious and Wil Wheaton is one crazy weird ass motherfucker and I love it.
i enjoyed it. I am more interested in Settlers of Catan cause I have heard many people talk about that game but never played it.
episode 2

Episode 3 came out about a week ago, sorry for the delay
What are you apologising for? No one ever designated you the role of 'guy that posts these videos in this thread as soon as they come out'.

Anyway, Fork and I are greatly enjoying this series. It's a shame they can't all have someone as awesome as Day[9] in them, but each episode has been enjoyable anyway.

Zombie dice was hilarious.
yeah, watching that string of gambling was PHENOMENAL. I like how when they showed his odds of rolling that, it was infinity
Shrewmkin wrote:
I wonder what the next table top game will be.

"Ticket to Ride." It shows it at the end of the episode. Looks like Sheriff Carter is in it too!

They should really change the name of this web series until Wil actually WINS FUCKING SOMETHING!!!
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