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Wil Wheaton's Table Top

Season 3 - Cards Again Humanity


"Here's a fun story about my balls."

Holy hell that was hilarious. Not sure how actually playing the game would be, but it was pretty damn fun to watch.
I have played this every time it has been brought to my local monthly gaming group. It is AMAZING!!! 2 quick side notes, if you forget to read your spell when you turn it over and just start acting, the entire spell redirects back to you (in cases of healing, you heal your opponents) and this game can be played with up to 8 people (all of the characters).

In case the art looks familiar, it's the same artist from the Adult Swim show, Superjail. Here is one of the openings of Superjail, (it changes every time). If you liked this game, you will probably enjoy Superjail.


Well shit, I haven't laughed that hard for ages.

This episode was great. Aisha Tyler dominated the screen, Laina Morris (Overly Attached Girlfriend) was adorable and hilarious, and the other one wore pac man undies.

Aisha Tyler rubbing her boobs on the table like a dog to mark her territory was fucking hilarious, and the fact she got people to drop off booze.

Jolly good show, Table Top.
Yeah that was a good episode. Most of the humour came from the people playing it, which is good since the cards can get pretty repetitive when you've played it a few times. However there was one I thought was pretty great that I thought it was a shame it lost the round: "Get ready for Mountain Dew - A Disappointing Salad"
That was definitely one of my favourite episodes. Aisha is fucking amazing. I have a hardcore lady boner for her. A shame there wasn't any abortion plays though.. They're always the most awkward.
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