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The Kingkiller Chronicle is a fantasy trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss, telling the autobiography of Kvothe (pronounced like "Quothe" but with a v), an adventurer, arcanist, and famous musician. The plot is divided into two different action threads: the present, where Kvothe tells the story of his life to Devan Lochees (known as Chronicler) and Kvothe's past, where most of the story is located.

I just finished reading the second book in the trilogy and was thoroughly impressed. It's easily one of the best series i've read in my life and I chewed through it like a horde of starved children in a candy store. You all know how long it took me to get through the Game of Thrones books.. I got through these two in under a month.

Looking at the The Library thread this series is mentioned over many pages, so I thought it'd be good to center the discussion about it. I also find it funny the first post of The Library is Saro spouting about how good this book is.

I won't know what to do with myself any more, every spare minute i've had I have been reading this as it was just so eager to get back to it. Staying up late, just reading one more chapter which turns into 10. Getting a sneaky half hour in over lunch at my desk, few minutes here and there on the train home from work.

Will post more thoughts tomorrow, but it's very good so you should read it.
These books have been hugely successful, and I think that's basically fair, but there's a few glaring problems that stop them from being 10/10 in my books. Number one, Denna. No commentary on that: just, Denna. Number two, Kvothe is a likeable guy, but he's the biggest Mary Sue since...Mary Sue. I kind of wanted to punch him. Pretty much the whole story so far is him being perfect at everything, far more quickly than everyone else. Music? BEST EVER. Magic? BEST EVER. Fighting? BEST EVER. Sex? BEST EVER. Even his suffering is noble and worthy. There's still time to turn this around in the next book, but I'd be surprised if Old Kvothe doesn't become Bad-Ass Butt-Kicking Kvothe again before the series is done. My third complain is that the end of Book One was just rubbish. Like, first year writing student bad. The climax had nothing to do with the set-up and was basically just stuck there like a warty knob. Now that PatRoth is famous I'm hoping his editor is pulling a bit tighter on the reins, because yeah, if the first book hadn't been otherwise good up to that point it would have been enough to turn me off buying the second.
I agree with your point about Denna. Fuck Denna. I'm hoping she will turn out to be something other than a dumb bitch later down the track. Like Felurian in human form just taunting him or something.

While Kvothe is good at everything I didn't feel as though it was really overdone. He often pulls off bullshit but is usually almost killed in the process. Either that or it's just explained so well that it seems possible he pulled it off as a fluke, made it look a lot better than it really is and got the rep for it. Or there's enough back story in that or he studied/trained a shit load to get as good as he is - the months in the forrest playing lute with broken strings, living/thieving on Tarbean streets, stage training since birth, private sympathy tutor before the University etc.

I think that coupled with the interludes where he constantly gets the shit kicked out of him and can't do sympathy and junk evens it out to an acceptable level.

Quite excited to see where the next book will take us. Hopefully more Devi and Felurian ;)
I really don't have any complaints about the series so far haha. I read them both in a couple of days because I couldn't put them down for a second.

I pretty much disagree with everything you've said Kon hahaha (sorry). I love the way that he's portrayed and how you get that whole 'he didn't know better at the time' feel. I love how they've made him the ULTIMATELY GOOD AT EVERYTHING guy becausè I think in the next book we're going to see him fuck up completely (accidentally of course, with the best intentions).
I think with Devi they're playing the 'so broken/needs fixing' a little too much, but I'm sure she'll have a greater part, like - Her dying because of the war. I think that would make sense as to why he's so cut up about everything. Innocent people dying, his fault, blah blah

Anyways, I love the series, CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE :D
Seeing this thread reminded me of how amazing the series was.

If you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favour and pick it up.
I just reread this AGAIN recently. Its actually quite a fast read and you can get in and out of the story in less than a week which is amazing. I agree with fork. Pick this shit up.
I just finished reading this and I must say, it's good. It's not GoT good but it's up there.

Here is my list of things that pissed me off considering I'm not very good at describing the better aspects.

Spoilers Below!

- Denna. I fell in love with her from the get go, but like the rest of you have gotten nothing but blue balls for my trouble. pull your penis out of your pants and slam this girl already! Actually it may be Kvothe that is pissing me off here.

- The unmistakable likeness to Harry potter. Dead parents, hopelessly excellent at everything, always finds his way out of every situation because something just "happens". Urghh, I found myself wishing G.R.R.Martin would take over halfway through and just kill him, or kill someone to prevent the story being so predictable.

- Like Harry Potter novels all will be revealed in the last 3 chapters with the earlier story containing nothing of actual substance other than ridiculous snippets of clues that one could not possibly hope to piece together.

- Why not sympathetically bind Denna to your knob?

- A ten year old girl can not beat a full grown man in hand to hand combat regardless of whether or not she is a black belt, kamakazi, 3rd stone ninja that gave birth to Bruce Lee.

- Any man would have been quite happy to go bat shit insane and die from over fucking the hottest piece of ass in the universe. Even if you could, why would you want to come back from that?

- As if you wouldn't have fucked Devi when she offered it and Fela for that matter, considering he happy put his dick in the butch Samurai trainer chick. I actually thought at the time that maybe this was going to be a book with no sex, but nope, he's just a weird cunt.

- No third book yet! Twelve, stop putting me onto series that are not finished. Fuck you all.
Different styles of fantasy call for different styles of writing. GoT is more political fantasy that spins 100 different threads where as Kingkiller goes back to the roots of storytelling. It feels like a tale you'd hear by a fireside or played by those fancy Bards in all dem novels.

Glad you're enjoying it!
Fuck I got so excited just seeing this thread bumped, makes me want to re-read them right now!

Agreed Rets, I think while Kingkiller and GoT have some similar trends they are are very different.

Haven't read the Harry Potter books so can't really comment on your comparisons Jim, so it was all so fresh and new to me perhaps that's why I loved it so extremely much - like people fell in love with the HP books after first reading them.

I also agree with the fact that it is a giant case of blue balls surrounding Denna, Fela and Devi. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the Felurian part and thought that it made up for it.

I was surprised at how much hatred there was towards him for that, especially the line “Each woman is like an instrument, waiting to be learned, loved, and finely played, to have at last her own true music made.”

I also want the third book to be out already, goddamnit.

Jiminy wrote:
- Why not sympathetically bind Denna to your knob?

Love it.
Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome two books. It would have been so much more awesome had I never read any Harry Potter books though.

I just hope the third books gets into the story more and quickly because the fact is, after two books not much has really happened in regards to story progression.

As far as Denna goes I predict she is also chasing the Chandrian and the Amyr and is staying with her abusive "sponsor" for just that reason. In fact I'm willing to bet she is even Edema Ruh and possibly related to Kvothe ala Luke/Leia scenario.
I love sexism rants.

I dunno man, I didn't see any links to harry potter. I find Kingkiller to be a more engaging story, that plucks all my heart strings, and am blind to its faults.
Let me help,

-Dead parents
-parents killed by main antagonists
-protagonists main quest is to avenge parents death
-protagonist does this by attending school of magic
-youngest person to achieve anything and everything, at this school
-rich boy at the school hates him and turns other richies against him
-retarded juvenile love story
-lots of secrets surrounding fucking everything
-protagonist has uncanny ability to pass out in times of danger
-following chapter reveals protagonist pulled off some amazing miracle of excellence prior to passing out
-has an ongoing quarrel with one of the "masters"

All he's missing is a scar on his forehead to make him different, oh wait they just gave him red hair.

I've enjoyed the books far more than HP, but I can't look past the similarities.
I see what you mean but also feel there are too many differences to lump them together. To me it seems more like generic fantasy 101.

Most of these happen in a lot of stories.
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