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Suits is a legal drama revolving around Mike Ross, a genius who stumbles into a high roller lawyer job to get out of a life full of drug deals and cheating on tests for people. Complications arise while he tries to learn the job on the fly in the cutthroat world of lawyer douches, avoiding his cheating/drug-ridden past, women and their chesticles wanting relationships, keeping his morals in check while keeping his secrets secret.

This show is fucking great. It's got great writing and a good cast that belt out some hilarious one liners and witty shit. Donna and Louis are especially fantastic and dominate every scene they're in.

The first season is out with the second season starting "summer" this year (in UMERIKA of course) so hopefully it's not a long wait.


Mike the main genius man guy.


Harvey the mentor who doesn't afraid of anything.


Louis the rat-like arch-enemy with a stupid face.


Donna, Harvey's receptionist who is hilarious every time she's on screen.


Rachel the hot bitch love interest.


Jessica the big big boss, woo Firefly!


This show is excellent, watch the whole first season (I think) in one sitting with housemates. Was very enjoyable :)
I find this show to be very entertaining. There is some great writing going on (for the most part).

There are a few useless characters here and there and the story jumps around a little bit, but all you need to know is that there are two characters worth watching the show for even if the rest of it sucked (which it doesn't):

Louis and Donna.

Absolutely hilarious.
I Watched this in 2 sittings about a month ago, fantastic show. Really need to piss off mikes ex best friend, everytime he gets on screen he shits me to no end.
I find that the blonde chick is equally useless. They should just remove that whole part of the storyline.

What happened to his grandmother? She was his main motivation to do anything in the first few episodes and then she just disappeared entirely. Did he ever get that money he needed for her? Some really strange plot jumps in that show.
I stopped watching after the episode with the expensive cars and the prevention of the sale of that car company. I really feel like lawyering gets boring when the main catch is that the main character hasn't been to Harvard Law School and they keep making that as the main worry. Burn Notice was special in that at any point and time, a new bad spy or someone with ties to Michael Westin could come and start fucking with his day for a great while and that the rabbit hole just gets deeper. White Collar and Burn Notice confirmed for best shows on USA.
Just started watching season 1, so good. Want to just keep watching it.
Glad you're enjoying it.

I'm loving the big season 2 arc, good fucking shit.

Donna is smoking hot.

Jessica is very impressive as a strong woman like woman.
Donna is by far the hottest woman in the show. I would bang the shit out of her.

I think the writing in the second season hasn't been nearly as good as the first, but it is still definitely an enjoyable show. They just need to more clearly define the character motivations which are currently a bit unclear.
Caught up on the last two episodes, holy shit this is getting intense.

So glad Donna is back, and god damn she looked amazing. As did Rachel in that white dress.

I really enjoyed Louis too, glad he's gotten himself a spine and has been standing up to everyone.

Vote next week, this is gonna be nuts.
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