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Apple has started selling its own brand of mobile internet SIM for Australians travelling overseas in a move that could make global roaming cheaper.

Apple SIM cards will be sold at its stores around Australia in the coming weeks. It gives buyers a chance to get cheaper data when using their iPad tablets in over 90 foreign countries such as New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The product for Australians is essentially a relabelled version of telecommunications provider GigSky's data roaming service. It offers cheaper mobile broadband prices around the world compared with the service being sold by Telstra, Singtel-Optus and Vodafone Hutchison Australia.

For example, Australians travelling to the UK with an Apple SIM can buy 3 gigabytes of data for use during a 30-day period for $50.

Optus customers pay $300 for 2.1GB of data and Telstra customers $600 for 3GB over 30 days. The exact equivalent service at Vodafone Australia would cost $3000 but most people would use their mobile phones as hotspots for their tablet devices. They would then pay $150 on top their monthly plan costs over 30 days to use their existing data allowance overseas.

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That's pretty great.
The reviews for the 6S are in and seem overwhelmingly positive from what I've seen.

The "push and pop" (or "peek and pop", whatever they call it) feature with 3D Touch is being hailed as the new "pinch and swipe" that will become mainstream and expected on a phone. They're all about minimising the actions required to be able to do something on your phone, but probably won't be that great for a short while until developers find out how to implement it the best way for their apps.

Faster processor, better camera and battery, this shit is just expected. New metal being used in the body, hopefully we won't get a second #bendgate. The new Touch ID scanner is supposed to be more accurate and super quick though which is good to see.
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