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It is unfortunate that I have to write this but nevertheless I would prefer to do this than to allow <Twelve> raiding collapse. Due to a few reasons (people leaving for other guilds/servers) and with very low recent recruiting, 25 man raiding right now in Twelve and raiding in general has basically ended.

However, Remedial has decided that until he finally does quit the game that he would like a solid plan to be put into place regarding reforming and rebuilding a 10 man group for Twelve, and as a lot of what was the 25 man group have left, quit, or are planning on quitting soon, both myself and Tex have decided to take a bit of initiative and create, for the interim period, a consistent 10 man group. Hopefully, in time, we can get this 10 man to a place remotely resembling the <Twelve> of old, pushing hard modes and progression but for now our aim is to simply get consistent raiding back into Twelve.

So, basically, for anyone in the current wow guild, currently playing, as mentioned earlier, both myself and Tex will be running said 10 man for the first time this weekend. We have had a good response with current members and are hoping that until the end of this expansion we can make a little progression and into Mists of Pandaria really start hitting it hard to make sure we can keep Twelve running, keep recruitment up and prevent what just happened from happening again. It didn't help that Rem was the only thing that held raiding together (please, it is complete bullshit if one thinks otherwise) and 10 man raiding will make that a lot easier to manage.

I, and many other Twelvians, wish that we could continue 25 man raiding as that has been the complete history of the wow aspect of Twelve, but right now that is not feasible and I doubt it will be in the future.

The point of this thread is two-fold: to get the message out on a wide spectrum that raiding in Twelve will continue in the form of 10 man and to, i guess, clarify to most of the veteran players the situation of <Twelve>.

So, in summation, to anyone currently interested in what will in the foreseeable future be casual, aiming for consistency, raiding with <Twelve>, than please feel free to come to mine and Tex's 10 man this weekend or at least show your interest in some form. I will be making sure these 10 mans happen every week with or without the help of current <Twelve> members and if that means mass-recruitment than so be it, but preferably I would like to have the core group of players from within Twelve.

Again, I do not write this with much happiness or pleasure but do take pleasure in the fact that raiding with this guild will continue in some form. I have only been a part of Twelve for a little over a year but would absolutely hate to see the in game part of this guild die. It is also disappointing that people are leaving and proclaiming <Twelve> dead, but that just goes to show why 25 man raiding collapsed and I can not care less about those people. I just want to help keep raiding with this guild alive, and will do anything in my power to do so.

Sunday, 6:45, the new start of Twelve raiding. Let's get it back and running smoothly.
I'm way too drunk to read this right now but I hope we everntually get to verse each other in MTG Caes, even though I know you'll rape my asshole with a barbed-baseball-bat until I cry for mercy I will enjoy every second.

To whatever else is said in this thread;

Good stuff Caes.

If you havn't already made him an officer Rem you should now. He used to be an officer for me when he was only like 16 and some other such pubescent age and was quite helpful.

Mass recruit away Caes. Twelve is only in serious trouble if Rem leaves. All other things are just hiccups.
For those former wow players that wish to try a new (well 9 years new) and exciting MMO maybe I can interest you in EvE online?

A wonderful game of internet spaceships that caters to all ppl of all play styles, it is very forgiving for both new and old players and very easy to learn.

I cordially invite all 12 players to the premiere internet spaceships alliance "BLACK-MARK"

More info can be found in the 12 EvE online thread here - 8205-twelve-eve-online-mmorpg-space-cowboys
Spoon wrote:
Or alternatively, there are other games out there.

Try some of them? Try them with other people from Twelve?

I'd rather play WoW. If other current players wish to play other games with fellow Twelvians than so be it, but I would rather play WoW and the whole purpose of this is to offer that to current Twelvians who wish to do the same. If I only end up playing with any other current Twelve members than that is a bonus.

I haven't played wow as long as most people in this guild so I guess I do not dislike it as much as others, plus I am generally shit at other games and prefer not to do things I am bad at.
Spoon wrote:
From everything I've ever read about EVE, 'exciting' is not a good way to describe it.

Its the only game I've ever played that I experienced physical effects equivalent to an adrenaline rush.

Rapidly beating heart, sweats and exhilaration from surviving an encounter.

I simply don't get that from say BF3 or WoW or....anything else really.

I think it is the harsh death penalties that create this. Only way I can explain it.
Spoon wrote:
From everything I've ever read about EVE, 'exciting' is not a good way to describe it.

Neif was merely offering a hand to those that wanted to explore the more actionable side of EvE - PvP combat. Neif is also one of the best combat pilots I have seen in the game, and can show Twelvians how to PvP properly in a great competitive environment.

If you've bothered reading any of Neif's many excellent battle reports, you would know that his corporation is pretty much 24/7 shooting other spaceships. So before we dismiss an entire game based on anecdotal information from individuals who can't play MMOs without having rewards spoonfed to them - maybe we should actually encourage what remaining Twelvians exist to try new things.
hehe it was a bit of a gentle troll/derail attempt to : )

But hang in there Caes, what your doing is good...How long till the Panda bear world mod is released?

That is going to be yours (12's) next opportunity to grow and strengthen more as old raiders are drawn back for the new content - some will hit the level cap do a few easy raids and move on....the hardcore ones will stay.

It will also be an excellent time for motivated guys such as yourself to actively recruit new derpa's for the PvE meatgrinder.
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