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By now surely some of you have read the thread on the official forums or at least been directed there by the blue post through a tracker or whatnot.

There is a movement at the moment going on involving playing wow in a hardcore state; no deaths, no gear above white level and no professions/buffs.

Read all about it in the thread linked. Also there has been a separate website set up to track participants that leaches information from the WoW armory.

This is not a competition, more a community challenge. Most players are on the Wyrmrest Accord RP server with "iron" in the name. I'm Ironwilly and i'm currently a lvl9 ironrogue playing very casually.

Maybe we can use this thread as a Twelve participant tracker.

Latest thread: … 822?page=1
I bet you jizzed yourself in the face when you read about this Willy!

So many hunters on the leaderboards too :O
haha, didn't jizz. Just thought it'd be interesting. Playing a rogue is good because of the stealth abilities.
haha why you want to gank?

It's a PvE server and the /iron channel is constantly full of noobs getting done by going "how do I make sure I'm not flagged for pvp" "type /pvp" and then they get done by horde heh.

I'm lvl24 now. I'm having to kill lvl18-19 mobs; anything higher is tough and requires burning evasion. Should be better at lvl29 when I get a new set of white daggers.
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