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I never read the first two harry potter books and found the movies did a good job of explaining things enough for me to never have to read them. Read all the other books and found the later movies were no longer good enough.

This left me with plenty of questions and "what? Why?" moments. Then there was the realism, or lack there of. Making it for an M audience was a mistake I believe. A movie with that sort of premise absolutely must carry an R rating if it's going to get even close to realistic.
Jiminy wrote:
I will not see this at the cinema now. Sounds shit.

Ditto. Though I wasn't that impressed with the trailers of this film, "Kept me thinking, What the hell is this about?"

May read the books someday. :)

Fork wrote:
I prefer these proportions



Far too slender for my taste. I prefer a gal with a bit of meat on her bones.
I read the books straight after I saw the movie, the first book is almost identical to the movie which was a nice surprise. The second book was probably my favourite and everything kind of went haywire for a hasty finish of the last one. It gets real dark towards the end.

I rarely read, and when I do I'm a slow reader but I got through all the books in under three weeks, so if you want to read them, pick it up because it doesn't take long at all.

The only thing I really really couldn't stand was that the books are in Katniss' first person, and it becomes really fucking annoying being in her psyche for that long. The story is brilliant, having to hear her whinge on for three books was near impossible. The movie did a great job of making it third person from the original story.
Second movie comes out tomorrow, should be epic, going to cinema on Friday probably.
I got around to watching Mockingjay Part 1 & Part 2 yesterday.

Both individually and when viewed as a whole I think each of them are awful movies. This is certainly a huge shame since I really enjoyed the first two movies. They were loaded with action, suspense and the interesting ideas of overthrowing a dictator / oppressive government.

Mockingjay however was full of [boring] talking, sitting around not doing much, obvious and predictable scenarios and in general just wasn't very entertaining. Also there were zombie things for some reason?

First two movies: definitely recommend. Last "two" movies: avoid.
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