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Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.

Finally a trailer that didn't reveal too much!

I don't really know much more about it than the synopsis and trailer there, but it looks like it'll be a bunch of fun in an awesome futuristic setting.
I remember seeing this and thinking it looked really interesting.
I'm surprised there wasn't a thread already made for this...

I read the first book and enjoyed it quite a lot, but I couldn't really get through the setup of book two. If you guys are interested in an easy read with lots of action, this book rocks. It's also written for a teen audience so it's not bogged down with crazy adult mumbojumbo.
Watched Battle Royale the other day. Such a great movie. So much violence.

Looking forward to this series of movies, don't think I will worry about the books but.
And may the odds be EVER in your favour!

Definitely looking forward to this, although I do think she picked the wrong man at the end. TEAM GALE.

I also dislike Katniss quite a lot. Comparisons to Twilight are inevitable, and I think Katniss shares the same problem as Bella; namely being fucking boring to read about and having the personality of a log (and Katniss has the additional problem of being, as far as I can tell, more or less asexual. I think we're meant to accept that because she's had such a rough life she's become too emotionally closed-off to be interested in relationships. I don't really buy this. People in Pyongyang still fuck. Holocaust survivors still fuck. Starving Africans still fuck. What makes this silly twat so different?)
kon, how many of the books did you read? Did you read all 3?
Saw Hunger Games tonight. It's definitely worth a watch but I wouldn't say it was a stellar movie. If you can, I'd actually watch it in the theater, unless you've got an amazing home entertainment center and find an amazing rip.
I saw this at the movies today, I thought it was great. The whole audience laughed/cried and squealed together, it was hilarious.
I thought they portrayed the books really really well. They showed all of the important bits even if they shortened them a little.

I'd say 9/10 :)
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