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Greetings members of Twelve to the new Fitness and Exercise devoted thread. Whilst we have a long history of subject changing like bawses, please try to keep your posts fitness and health related, as this will be a thread both our members and even members of the public may come to in order to obtain advice and inspiration in achieving their health related goals.

Whether you want to:
  • increase body mass
  • decrease fat percentage
  • gain muscle
  • start eating healthy
  • tone your body
  • increase core strength
  • improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance
  • learn more about supplements
there will be someone who can help you and point you in the right direction.

So far we have a group of individuals who have an abundance of knowledge in these areas and will be able to shed light on all topics, so all you have to do is state what you are trying to achieve, what sort of equipment [If any(it isn't necessary)] is available to you, and what your starting position is and people will begin throwing advice at you.

For those interested, we have a group on the Fitocracy Website, where you can track your progress in a levelling like fashion by adding your daily/weekly workouts into it.

I hope that people get on board with this and look to each other for help and guidance. It would be great to see people realise their goals and get to the health/fitness/appearance that they have wanted for so long.
Welcome to the Twelve Fitness Thread!


The Fitness Team

Below are some members of Twelve who are knowledgeable in this area and are most likely to respond. If you feel uncomfortable about sharing something in this thread, or have a question and wish to ask them privately, do not hesitate to send them a PM


I have left some names off this thread who are great sources of information. If you would like to be a part of The Fitness Team and have some knowledge/all round advice and feel comfortable responding to most questions fitness related, don't hesitate to either PM me, or just reply in here and I will add you to it.
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Here are a couple of links to websites you may find useful for general health information and also techniques. I encourage people to post useful websites, make a short description of the website, and I will add it to this thread.

Websites: A great link posted in another fitness thread that covers lots of myths about exercising and also suggests some great ways to record your progress. This website has some fantastic information about technique and how to ensure you are doing things correctly so that you achieve the maximum benefit, as well as enjoy injury. Just search which areas you are trying to work on, and it suggests some great exercises for them as well as provides images on how to complete the exercise.

Why Gamers Make Good Body Builders An interesting article found by Ralphie that may encourage many of you to apply your gaming strategies and mindset to your fitness goals. A great website with loads of accurate and up to date information regarding how to gain muscle mass and workout tips. This site is great for finding exercises for specific muscle groups. Great for those training in gyms. It does require some knowledge of muscle anatomy to find what you are looking. The 'Comments' after each description often provide useful information.

There are also some handy iPhone and Smartphone applications about that are fantastic. I would like people to suggest what ones they use and what ones they recommend

Runkeeper is a great application that allows users to track their running data and record it on their phones. There is also the option to upload your stats to Fitocracy and or Facebook to show your friends.
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Something i have been meaning to do for awhile, and no real excuse either as my body rapidly adapts to any type of change.

Basically my goal is to put on around 10kgs and bulk up a tad and regain my fitness of my youth. My problem is im very unmotivated and slightly lazy with my eating habbits, as i work shift work basically 4 days on 4 days off, 12 hour days. Its common for me to skip eating much at all on my days off (snacks and dinner)

Currently sitting around 71-74kgs and im 6"5

As for equipment all i have currently is a set of adjustable dumbbells, i currently use them at basically there max capacity which is at 15kgs
The worst part about exercising is that you need motivation and energy just to get out the door the first time. The best part about exercising is that once you start, that motivation and energy comes quite easily.

As for your weight situation. You can do a lot just with body weight exercises with a combination of those weights. IN FACT, I'd even suggest using lighter for what I'd suggest. Find a weight you can do 10-15 reps of each of these exercises easily. I consider myself pretty strong and I do this with 15 lbs (~7kg).

For example, 30 second intervals with 10 second breaks. Do the rotation 3x. You'll notice that all these exercises work the core in some way while working other exercises. Utilize that and keep your midsection tight.


Make sure you get that 10 second break. You can take 15 if needed. Don't be afraid to stop if you're hurting, but remember it's only 30 seconds!
This site is great for finding exercises for specific muscle groups. Great for those training in gyms. Does require some knowledge of muscle anatomy to find what you are looking. And the 'Comments' after each description normally have very using information, a must read in my opinion.

Will add more at a later date.

I am happy to help in anyway I can. If I do not have the answer, I can always ask someone at work or will research till I do!

All the Best & Good Luck with achieving your fitness goals.
Core exercises are always a fantastic place to start, and they are also fantastic to constantly improve on. Another reason why they are great is because they start strengthening the stabilising muscles that are needed and often neglected by many who jump straight into weight lifting. Places on your body like your fore-arms and wrists need to be strengthened in order to be able to take the weight that the chest and arms can handle. More often than not, it is these stabilising muscles that fatigue in a work-out before the area you are focusing on. So things like push-ups to row are great for this. You could also start things like wrist curls as well.

The big thing you will need to work on is your diet. You aren't going to achieve any muscle growth if you don't feed your body what it requires. Protein, fats and carbohydrates are all going to be needed, and because you are quite lean now, you could begin with a protein heavy diet, provided you subbed in some other exercises that got your heart rate up.

Another thing that is great about core exercises is you can do them almost daily without hindering their ability to repair unlike other muscle groups. That leads to me saying, when you start doing muscle group focused sessions in the future (let us know when you want to move into this) you will need to have some established sleep and eating patterns, because rest is definitely going to be your friend. The majority of our muscles build whilst we are asleep, and your body uses this time (as you are probably aware) to heal any injuries as it takes time to mend. This is no different to muscles building as the way a muscle builds is by first 'breaking' or 'tearing' it first, and it is the healing process of the tears being mended that make the muscle stronger and larger. The micro-trauma (tearing) repairs in your sleep as your body adapts and thinks "well, that was kind of embarrassing that that was difficult, so I will get bigger".

This is a fantastic link with very accurate information for gaining mass and bulking. The website itself is also a very handy website for techniques too. StrongLifts.

You will have to figure out your eating patterns, the 6 meals a day is a standard for many people and if you can do that, that's great. One advantage those with lean builds who skip meals have over those with lean builds who eat lots have, is that those who skip meals have a slower metabolism as the body tries to store all the nutrients it gets because it doesn't know when the next meal is going to come. This actually makes it a lot easier to build muscle as your body will hold all the vital nutrients allowing your recovery to have a great store of resources in your body. The downside is, it will be a lot easier for your increased consumption to turn to fat. However, provided you do the exercises, increasing your food intake is going to have the biggest results in gaining mass for you, provided you sculpt along the way.

Hope this helps.

Edit: That V-up hand-to-feet ball pass is one of my current favourite ab exercises in the gym. Warming up with 5 without the ball then 10 with the ball immediately after, and repeating sets of these until it just hurts too much.
I shall give those exercises a go this afternoon, but yes fixing my diet im well aware of and really need to just do something about it.

Thanks for the sound advice all
I forgot to add a curl exercise that is an optional replacement for the lunges. Weights down at your side, back lunge, come up, double arm curl. Repeat.
I have a whole bunch of routines, for three weeks (last week and the next two) I'm doing HIIT, focusing on keeping heart rate up after rowing/xtrainer via jump-rope between super sets of both weights and core exercises. I have been doing this 4-5 times a week with 1 rest day and a full body weights session on one of the days. Only, the other night I decided to do a workout dedicated to my shoulders.

After the next two weeks of this HIIT (as I'm trying to lower body fat%) I will resume my tailored routine of:
[*]Sunday: Cardio warmup =>Chest/Triceps
[*]Monday: Large Cardio
[*]Tuesday: Cardio warmup =>Back/Biceps
[*]Wednesday: Legs/Abs/Butt
[*]Thursday: Cardio warmup => Shoulders/Traps
[*]Friday: HIIT Cardio
[*]Saturday: Full rest.
So that I can continue to maintain weight as well as build muscle. When I'm doing the above program I average a diet of 11000kj a week and still lose weight =/

I am swapping the two programs every 6 weeks until I get to my desired body fat % then I intend to begin sculpting. The break-up of a 3week HIIT program has absolutely shaken my body to the core. This I am thankful for because a workout begins to be less effective once your body gets used to is, so I think I've found a good balance and way to ensure that I can swap my routines and get the maximum benefit of each.

Edit: I suck at making lists.
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Only thing is my HIIT sessions last for triple the usual 20minutes.. After them I do a 25minutes weight session on a different area per night, followed by 15minutes of cycling(very slow) or cross trainer (also slow) then 5-10minutes of floor work either stretching or sometimes using a fit-ball.
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