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I see everyone's slacking off massively over christmas and the start of the new year?

my running goals and progress for the start of this year


running with spreadsheets awwww yeah
Dayummm, nice. Nice TRON spreadsheets too.

I'm back at kickboxing after a foot injury on Aussie Day, getting tags (gotta catch em all so you can grade) and should level up my belt in about a month.

Will be starting running and core/strength work at home in off days too, hopefully this arvo pending body soreness.
I've started running for the purpose of losing weight and getting in to trail running. With my move back to Melbourne looming I've decided to take advantage of the hundreds of beautiful running tracks that the Gold Coast's hinterlands have to offer. Thus far I'm just doing 5km every second day down at the beach, with my goal to be fit enough to do my first 5km trail run down in Currumbin in a weeks time. Time to get that healthy husband/father lifestyle!

EDIT: Fixed my jew spelling (fuck off Rem).
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Remedial wrote:
you keep saying trial running, is that something different to trail running?

Sorry mate. I did mean TRAIL running. Thanks.

fuck you rem you stupid cunt I have had sex with one of your t-shirts and this is the first time I've admitted it.
lol, i figured there was a good chance i was just pointing out shit spelling

but then there could have also been something called trial running which sounded interesting
I found vaseline worked better than band-aids in the training run, so i had vaseline but apparently not enough for the whole distance. I didn't notice them until the end of the race when I looked down since everything else hurt too much.
Congrats Rem, what a bloody legend!

Go as well as planned? Did you come first? Good time?
it was as tough as i thought it would be, my aim time was to not get blown up in the boston marathon (4 hours 4 minutes) my hopeful time was around 3 hours 45 min

end up running it in 3:44:33 which was 343rd out of a feild of 1078 finishers (but 1700 starters)

i went the first half fairly quick, died in the second half, had to walk for a bit around the 36km mark when my arms and legs went numb and I thought I was going to fall over but ended up running hard the last 4 km and sprinting the last few hundred meters... well what felt like sprinting at that stage
So I'm guessing, much like myself, everyone stocked up on fats and hibernated for most of winter?

I've been slowly getting back into weight training the last few months, unfortunately around the start of August I injured some small shitty muscle in my back and had to rest it for a month but thankfully I lost little to no strength during that time off.

Currently my lifts are:

Squat: 122.5
Bench: 65
Rows: 65
OHP: 57.5
Deadlift: 125

I'm slowly creeping back up to my previous records!
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