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Best thing about these girls is that there's a slim chance you could make it happen if you really wanted. That is, if you're tall and have style and move to korea. I've known a few people who were involved with idols at some point in their lives just by being white.

But damn, these girls are cute.
Summer - so a lot of interesting songs are coming out. New hyuna song

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Lim Kim has the best voice :D and you always get quirky style vids

The following aren't fresh new videos, but ones I watch from time to time:

This one is a clip from Immortal Song, a TV program where talented singers put their own style on classic songs and compete against each other. It's interesting because the original bands/singers are in the audience too. I'm sure there is a western equivalent, but can't think of one at the moment.

This one is good if you like rap of this style, i guess sort of like OG maco. Is it trap? i dunno

Oh, and a new one from one of the big male groups
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