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Alright, I know most of you don't like this sort of music, but who are we to discriminate? Sure some of these bands are the equivalent of liking boy bands back in the 90's, but lets face it, some of their songs were good. Also, there's lots of Asian music that isn't pop that is pretty cool. It just takes a few people to step up and be like, "Shit rets, I like that shit. Find me more!" And then suddenly, you're finding shit for me and the world explodes.

I'll admit it though, I like listening to J-pop, K-pop, and sometimes C-pop (not so much really). A lot of times, the girls and/or guys are hot, their singing may be horrible unless auto-tuned, and the choreography is usually spot on. I won't push this on anyone because it's obviously not for certain people, but if you give it a shot you may find you like it. It grew on me the more I lived in Japan and I find I crave it now and again.

So I'll start it off with a few examples that I've found recently and posted in the past on the general music thread. It's getting harder and harder to find this stuff on youtube.

I went to tons of live shows in japan, most of them by these bands and usually in tiny ass concert halls where you could spit on the artists.


9mm Parabellum Bullet

Nothing's Carved in Stone
These guys had a lot of fun live. Great performances.

The Pillows

Ikimono gakari (いきものがかり)
My favorite normal pop band from japan. Couldn't even find a music video on youtube.

lol at this one. Kyari Pamyu Pamyu - ponponpon

Yui. Does lots of Bleach OPs


Girl on the right in the mixed black/white is sexaaaaay.

Girls Generation

Brown Eyed Girls

I honestly can't remember any chinese music that I've liked in the past years. I wonder if Beefy can fill in some gaps.
There's a special place in my heart for Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby. :lol:

One my favourite acts would be SCANDAL

They also have a new single called Harukaze - which will be released sometime next year. You can hear a short version from this Bleach opening (Didn't use the actual opening animation video because I know Cakes just started watching Bleach, don't want to spoil!).

Lol, korean dude's haircuts are always funny to me. I know girls who like it though.

"song" starts at 2:00.

This is totally Britney Spears. More K-pop.
Japanese dump:

Koda Kumi
She's pretty in your face for a japanese singer/idol. Maybe that's why she's so popular. I don't really like her that much.

One of the few decent male pop groups.

Nice thread rets

Kpop is my secret love no homo, I'm a big fan of heaps of groups. SNSD, 2ne1, and many more!

Miss A is an interesting one, its a mix of Korean and Chinese girls. They recently won 'Best Female Dance Group' at the MAMA awards (Mnet Asian Music Awards).

Hanlol - At the end of "Oh", it leads onto "Run Devil Run" :)

The chick in my avatar is IU, a Korean singer.

2pm and BigBang are some good male groups haha
<- good song
Japanese singer Shiina Ringo -- Known for her unique voice and beauty mark which she eventually removed because it made her too pretty for her image. People in the music scene call her Queen Ringo. All her music is similar, but usually pretty different. I'm not sure how to even explain it.

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